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Zombie Slicer Ninja Craft

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Download this app named Zombie Slicer Ninja Craft.

Are you tired of slicing the same old fruit?
Do you often think: "These ninja skills of mine are wasted by not using them to slice some more deserving targets!"

Then look no further, this is the game for you!

Apply the trades of your ninja craft to the recently dead. Make them lose their bricks!

Step out of the sandbox! Stop hiding and start walking from behind the fruit stand!
It's time to start slashing some zombies!

Game modes

- Zombies will pop up, slice them apart! Turn every limb into a phantom limb as the coagulated pixels stain the floor.
- Start at the head for some bonus point. Continue slashing as you chop up the remaining parts. As long as none of the parts fly off the screen the score multiplier will increase. If you are a true ninja and get them all, you will receive another bonus score.
-If you leave a zombie intact or hit one of the cute fluffy animals, you lose a life.
- Sometimes a golden bone will appear. If you slice it your score multiplier will double!

In this mode you need to slice a certain numer of body parts to progress to the next level.

SURGEON (Every corpse has it's bones)
- Not for the faint of heart. This is where the game kicks into high gear. This is where you show your metal. Like a true brick slicer!
- Beneath the skin of each zombie are the bones of a skeleton. They now sport one or more exposed bones. Hack away at the craft zombies as in the previous game mode, but be as precise as a ninja and don't touch the bones or you will lose a life! You're not slicing fruit here!

• Cute plush animals in blocky craft style, protect them from the zumbie!
• Pixels will drip down the walls as you slice and dice the craft zombies
• These dead are not walking, they're flying!

• Unlock special slicers with unique visual effects

Now stop wasting time by reading this description of mine, get to it - chop chop!

Pixel craft zombies are out to get you! Slice and chop them like a ninja would !

Zero Flag brings you the block slicer games that no one else does!


Minor bug fixes.



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