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您是否一直想成为一名时装设计师? 不要再等了,因为装扮惊人的女孩在这里为您提供女孩游戏世界中最好的改造游戏体验! 这些娃娃从走秀台就到您的手机上! 为这些时尚明星装扮走秀、红毯、电影颁奖、酷派对、约会或照片拍摄。 这款女孩装扮游戏在时尚界提供独特的冒险。 在许多很酷的服装中进行选择,并创建自己的头像作为他们的个人时尚造型师。 您可以随意使用各种衣服、珠宝、配饰,甚至是为有趣的游戏体验而精心设计的不同背景。 大量的时尚单品为完美的娃娃装提供了无穷无尽的组合。 通过在这款女孩改造游戏中随意搭配和搭配服装,成为您自己的时装设计师!

-\tChoose between three cool dolls to dress them!
-\tDesign their unique fashion look!
-\tPlay with many clothes, jewelry and accessories!
-\tCountless number of combinations for the perfect doll outfit!
-\tDifferent backgrounds on your disposal!
-\tYou can customize the look repeatedly!
-\tUpgrade your fashionista skills within this makeover game!
-\tCarefully designed outfits for unique gaming experience!
-\tDetailed graphic!
-\tFun game experience for girls!
-\tCompletely free!

2018 年最好的换装游戏!
Pick one of the three special designed dolls to dress them up and enjoy while choosing between various dresses, skirts, shirts, jewelry and accessories. Help your doll find the perfect outfit for the red carpet, movie premiere or the cool party she is going to. Pick the items from the gallery, try them on, it is up to you to choose the best piece. Dont worry if your outfit is not matching the first time, because you can change it as many times as you like! You can dress up your doll in different styles, formal, informal, fancy, classy or trendy since you are her personal fashion designer. The best thing is that every item is completely free, offering you the full wardrobe of cool clothes and accessories. One click away is your virtual fashionista paradise for girls! Happy clothing!


For the best makeover game experience, we have created colorful and cool items to choose from. Download and play this android game for free, explore your fashion skills and dress up one of the beautiful dolls for her next event. Want to dress up like a top model? Here is your chance! This app helps improving your fashionista skills by picking the coolest clothes from the virtual gallery and creating perfect outfits for one of the three dolls. Create unlimited number of outfits, have fun and share it with your friends! Every girls dream is to peek inside the wardrobe of the superstar and see how it is to try on the coolest clothes. Elegant dresses and colorful accessories are on your disposal, while you can even change backgrounds for your doll. Dress up amazing girls is giving you a chance to join the world of glamorous clothes and create your own superstar, famous actress or top model. Upgrade your style and fashion skills with this makeover game!

这个装扮惊人的女孩应用程序与安卓设备兼容。 在三星 Galaxy S7 edge、三星 Galaxy S9、HTC One、索尼 Xperia Z3 Compact、LG Optimus、中兴 Blade、联想、华为 Ascend 等设备上使用它。 创建您自己的顶级模特,并享受这款酷炫的化妆应用程序带来的乐趣。 立即下载并免费享受最酷的装扮女孩游戏!

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