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We encounter numerous external and internal pathogenic exposures in our daily lives.
Stress, overexertion, negative emotions or just monotonous fuss. For all of this, you spend your physical and emotional resources depleting the reserves that your body has. It is extremely important to replenish your reserve of strength timely. And what comes to the fore here is to keep a good track of your body reserves. YY Monitor app is your personal assistant for this.

YY Monitor can easily assess your general physical and psycho-emotional state.
All you need for this is your smartphone with a camera and a flash, and a couple of minutes of your time.

What stays behind the YY Monitor app is the photoplethysmography and the heart rate variability assessment.

1. Photoplethysmography technique is for measurements. The idea is to detect the volumetric changes in blood within the area being measured. Pulse waves (high-pressure waves propagating through the blood vessels) are recorded according to the changes in the light transmission (and light reflection) of tissues depending on how much the large blood vessels (arteries and arterioles) are filled with blood during the cardiac cycle. When heart ejects the blood (systole), the pulse wave propagates from the aorta towards the capillaries. This increases the blood flow in the tissues and causes vasodilation, which means that the tissues absorb more light. Pulse waveform is the representation of the change in the absorption of light radiation by tissues.

2. Pulse wave lets us measure the heart rate variability that gives us an input for further analysis and, in addition to many other things, enables to assess the physical and psycho-emotional state of your body, how well your body copes with, and how quickly it recovers after physical exertion and stress exposures. American Heart Association recommends to assess the heart rate variability (HRV) for ambulatory ECG interpretation (

1. Select appropriate lighting conditions for your device. Lighting conditions may vary depending on your device.
2. Get yourself into a comfortable position, sitting or reclining comfortably.
3. For more accurate measurements, remove the case from your phone.
4. Launch your YY Monitor app and follow the instructions on the screen. Tap "Start", then first put the phalange of your left hand onto the camera, and then do the same with the phalange of your right hand. IMPORTANT! For correct measurement, first goes the left hand, and then the right hand.
5. Do not push hard your phalanges to the camera, just cover the camera with your finger. Make sure that the camera is all covered by your finger. The most accurate measurements are taken from the finger pad.
6. Wait for the measurement to complete.
7. Done! Check out the results of assessing the reserves of your physical and psycho-emotional state.

* You can assess your body reserves in no time
* Take as many measurements as you need
* Absolutely free
* Keep track in measurements history
* The application is adapted for smartwatches on Wear OS

1. YY Monitor requires Internet connection.
2. Privacy policy -

NOT FOR MEDICAL USE! This app is not a medical product. It is not suitable for making decisions about health status or treatment. This app is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Developer: Khlopkov

Recent changes: 1. Added the ability to authorize via Google.
2. Improved pulse wave validation procedure.