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Each parent dreams that his or her child will become a smart, creative and successful person. But not everyone knows what should be done for child development. How to develop dexterity? What are the best baby games to study colors, discover animal sounds and bird pictures?

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found fun games for kids to learn colors, first words and world knowledge,which perfectly develop cognitive skills and fine motor skills.

There are a lot of learning games for kids, but what are the main features of our app? We strongly focus on early childhood education and selected the best animal pictures, bird photos, nature sounds, professions for kids, animal noises, fruit pictures and a number of flashcards for toddlers.

Here is a set of interesting educational games based on THE Glenn Doman approach (flashcards for toddlers to start speaking first words). Cute pictures of animals, funny animal noises, birds, nature, professions, food, phonics instruments – everything you need for child development in this app.

The game is translated to Russian and Spanish. It’s an excellent tool to start learning first words in Spanish with your child.It is designed for toddlers 1,2,3 years old.

Our games for kids 1-3 years old stimulates fine motor skills (dexterity) development, which is extremely important for baby development. As far as you know, fine motor skills are involved movements that occur in the wrists, hands and fingers. So, playing in coloring games (selecting correct colors) and flashcards baby games positively affects your child's dexterity.

How do these baby games work?

Learning regime: A child studies cards of objects (e.g. pictures of animals, bird pictures) and colors. With the help of a trainer he or she will learn what a parrot looks like, take out what the panther’s color is and how a frog sings and others animal sounds.

Games for kids: Play flashcards game to answer — Where is the ball? And use coloring game to select the right color for the crocodile? If the child learned the objects, he or she will easily choose the correct answers. Perfect for training cognitive skills.

Section for adults: What is the learning progress? Automatic analysis and statistics of child development.

• Only professional graphics (300+ images) in 12 sections (Animals, Birds, Home, Objects, Music, Insects, Clothes, Nature, Plants, Jobs, Transport, Food).
• Selection of friendly animal sounds, voicework by child speakers.
• Real sounds where applicable
• Question mode (to display 4 images and ask the child to click on the right answer)
• Designed for use by a baby or toddler with built-in parent control (lock the app so that baby cannot accidentally exit the app)
• Analysis & Statistics of your child’s development

In the opinion of the famous doctor Glenn Doman, playing learning baby games (5-7 minutes per day) stimulates development of various brain areas, which helps the child to create photographic memory.

The application will help to start talking and enlarges vocabulary.

A specific feature of the application is high efficiency in broadening a child’s outlook. It is not the game in the “kill time” or “keep the baby busy” style. This is a true tool for development of intellectual abilities, dexterity and cognitive skills of a child — check the skills development of your child with the help of Statistics and Analysis sections in our app or track the progress in learning Spanish with these sections.

No doubt that you will appreciate this app as the best child development kids games.

For parents who care about their children.

Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdENfPFDSYNqWu7OcNe0QkA
Web: http://youngclever.com/en


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