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Learn how to play the classic game of backgammon like a pro with the strongest backgammon program in the world. The app endorsed by the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF) and featured in Primetime Backgammon Magazine is available for FREE in the App Store!
XG Mobile is the portable version of the acclaimed program "eXtreme Gammon" for PC. You can now have the power and accuracy of eXtreme Gammon in the palm of your hands.
XG Mobile is the perfect app for all strengths of players:
Are you a beginner? no worries, XG Mobile will let you know when you make a mistake. Thats a fun and efficient way to improve your skills
Are you an expert player? You can practice against a world class opponent.

XG Mobile features:
The strongest backgammon program on Android (and also on iPhone and iPad).
Play against computer opponents ranging in skill from Beginner to World Class.
2-player mode: play against friends using XG Mobile as a portable board (please note: live play, not online).
Play unlimited sessions or matches.
Choice of Backgammon or NackGammon Variation.
High Quality Graphics (optimized for Retina displays) , choice of multiple boards and checkers.
Share positions on Facebook, twitter etc...
Ask the computer for hint at any time.
Tutor mode analyzes your choice as you play and warns you of any mistake you made, allowing you to reconsider your choice.
Training mode also analyzes your choice as you play and lets you know of any mistake you made. You cannot reconsider your choice
Setup a position, analyze it or even start a session from this position.
Games are Saved and can be copied using iTunes or emailed for later analysis on your Mac or PC.
Extensive profile information tracking your level of play, your results and dice statistics.
Competition mode allows you to play in live tournament conditions (no help, no pip count, etc...).
Integrated help, including backgammon rules.
If youre looking for the best backgammon app on the market, download XG Mobile Backgammon now and enjoy the program players trust

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Developer: GameSite 2000, ltd.

Genre: Board

App version: 1.22

App size: 13M

Recent changes: Improvements:
- Added an easy way to set the computer strength on the new game screen.
- Show Pip count when showing hint no matter what the Pip count setting is.
- Added Threshold and option for Tutor/Training Mode (Options>>Game Options)

- Not starting in Airplane Mode
- Minor fixes.


`In most ways this app is fantastic. It's the mobile version of some powerful software that serious backgammon players use. If you use the tutor mode at the highest level (you have to get the premium version for that) it's a bit like being taught by a backgammon master., albeit one that teaches by yelling out "huge blunder" every time you, well, make a huge blunder. The problem? The app regularly CRASHES, sometimes crashing my tablet in the process. Fix this and it's an easy 5 stars.`,

The programme plays a mean game of backgammon and the training features are excellent.(Those who believe the programme cheats should study the game more. ) Yet unfortunately I cannot really recommend it. It keeps crashing and regularly refuses to load the graphics. Worst of all, when I try to install it on a 2nd device, it asks me to pay for it again. That's just not acceptable.

Can be a bit buggy and crashy - which used to drive me mad until someone told me you must have an internet connection when using XG. If you do it behaves itself most of the time and the upside is you have a Grandmaster strength opponent in the palm of your hands. Set the error threshold level low and play against the computer - it will then point out your errors and you can struggle to find the best move. A great way to improve your game. Be improved by an online option to play other humans.

Absolutely great app to improve your bg game. The tutor mode is excellent. I'm just worried about future support, last update is from 2017. App crashes occasionally, but luckily it remembers the positions when you open it again / update after 1000+ games: lowered my rating due to non-random dice. I'll get double 6's the first time I'm on the bar. Maybe statistically I don't get more double 6's than the AI, but I sure can predict them, which tells me the dice are not really random.

A bit buggy. No new updates for current OS Not sure of support for full version, but am not inclined to pay to find out. Still my go to game when I have a few minutes to kill or during commercials. Advice appears off in a few cases (Programming may give too much weight to pip count in some plays.) Computer has some uncanny dice rolls..... still more enjoyable than the 5 other apps I tried.'