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Wicker handicraft is one of the rich art of Indonesian tradition. This craft lives among the tribes in Indonesia with various beautiful shapes and diverse functions. Compared with the development of other traditions art of wicker craft has a slow development.

At the beginning of its development woven crafts have a simple shape and just to meet practical needs, but nevertheless the latest development of this craft began to appear in various variants of a very beautiful and used not only as a maker of tools of practical needs but also as ornamental objects, - personal needs, fashion accessories, etc. This development shows that woven artwork has great potential as a creative industry commodity with high aesthetic and economic value.

Woven crafts include two or three dimensional applied art. Shaped three-dimensional because of the form of woven artwork that has three sizes, namely length, width and volume. The intangibles are intact and can be seen in all directions. While can be called two dimensions because the shape of objects that can be produced from woven can be flat sheet.

The materials often used in this woven crafts include: first, natural materials such as: bamboo, wicker mendong, pandanus, and other natural materials that have a resilient and strong properties such as rattan, water hyacinth, roots, stem banana, pandanus, bamboo, Mendong, pengjalin, purun, sepet (coconut fiber) and so on. The second material is artificial / synthetic materials such as: paper, plastic strap, waste plastiks, strap, cloth, agel, scout strap, etc. While the type of woven motif produced very much at all, such as braid motif, walik eye, duck eye, pasung and so on.

Woven crafts can be a scouting exercise material especially to develop the creativity of learners. At the standby level can be trained first with two-dimensional woven crafts, while at the level of raiser, enforcer and pandega besides being trained to master the art of two-dimensional webbing is also trained to master the art of woven three-dimensional. Even at the level of pandega handicrafts art enforcement can be introduced as a creative industry product by means of pandega enforcers are trained to be able to produce product design, production methods, marketing methods and how to calculate the scale of the economy / business of creative industries based on this handicraft.

Craft of Woven Paper

The art of weaving paper is the beginning or foundation of the exercise to be able to tap into a variety of materials, various shapes and various functions. In other words the art of weaving in paper is a means of training learners to improve the weaving skills, develop the beauty expression and test to utilize the art of woven for the production of the tools kebutuha practical needed in everyday life.

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