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Enjoy the most sensational period of the year with the top Winter Live Wallpapers. This the coldest season and it comes right after the autumn. It evokes the memories of your childhood when you had no worries and no problems. You were playing all day long and throwing snowballs. You wish that you can travel back in time and go back to that carefree time. The winter also brings the feelings of joy and unity for the upcoming holidays. The families get together to celebrate Christmas and kids are so excited because they wait for the Santa Clause to come and leave them presents. Decorate your phone with the splendid pictures. The tree branches are completely bare and covered with shiny white blanket. You can not discern the contour of the lake so be careful not to fall into the cold water. Select from several different themes and decorate your tablet with the awesome photos. Download free the latest Winter Live Wallpapers app and discover the magic of this spectacular period of the year. Add cool moving effects like autumn leaves or star balloons and they will make the screen of your phone more spectacular.
You have made some plans with your friends to spend the holidays in the small cottage in the village. It is the early morning and you wanted to take a walk in the mountains during the sunrise. You are in the huge forest trudging through the deep snow. The contrast between all that whiteness and the dark brown trees is amazing. The scenery takes your breath away. With the top Winter Live Wallpapers you can watch how the nature sleeps during these long three months. Browse the pictures and find the one that attracts your attention the most. Decorate your phone with these popular photos. The luminous sun rays make their way through the dense wood. In the noon this magnificent star shines so bright that it makes the snow sparkle. The branches of the fir trees bend under the pressure of the heavy white blanket. The best Winter Live Wallpapers will show you the beauty of this the coldest season. Share these awesome new pictures with your friends and they will too see the magic that this sensational period of the year possesses.
How to use the Winter Live Wallpapers app:
 Open the collection of cool live wallpapers
 Tap once to preview the image and hold to set the background
 Enable rotate option if you want
 Select favorite moving object
 Change the speed of the movements and their number
Give your phone a brand new look with the popular Winter Live Wallpapers. You and your beloved one are walking down the city park. You can not sit on your favorite bench as it is covered with snow. Still these are the most romantic moments. You wish that they can last forever. Beside stunning pictures, these best live wallpapers offer you cool moving objects like flowers, heart balloons as well as light that can move on your screen all the time and make it even more special. Select the picture you like and tap once to preview the photo and hold to set it as the background. Download the latest Winter Live Wallpapers application free of charge and turn your device into spectacular collage of the images of the city streets covered with white blanket. It is so cold that the river beneath the bridge is partially frozen. The landscape of the mountain sides completely covered with snow is the most sensational one you have ever seen.




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