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Wardog Soldiers: Metal Gun

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Welcome to the sci-fi space shooter with RPG elements! This exciting and dynamic game is based on comics about civilization of smart dogs. Story tells about the times, when there was peace at the cosmodog universe. Troopers brought all the enemy planets under the galaxy rule. The battle fleet was turned into research center, and the starship troopers were decided to get a well-deserved rest.

Our hero is a former space trooper who was sent to the far away colony. He, as well as all other troopers, is bored, because action is a vital part of his life. The war is over but our hero wants to take part in some battle. It is coincidental that a surprise from space, asteroid with unknown but perspective substance, was fallen to this far-away colony. Investigations showed that asteroid had come from the unknown and uninvestigated place. But the curiosity and greed for gain made our council prepare the research expedition and send the spaceship, which was going to meet all the unknown dangers. Being bored, former troopers agreed to take part in this adventure. A former space trooper learnt a new profession and became a soldier of fortune, responsible for the safety of the crew.

But, as usual something went wrong. The star system, where our heroes made a hyperjump, turned to be inhabited and very hostile. Our starship was surrounded by the armed enemy forces. And our hero had nothing to do, but to take part in the battle, the hurricane shooter, where he should shoot and to kill enemies. So, now you are a soldier of fortune and responsible for lives of the crew! You are going to decide, which tactic you’ll use, precautious sniper or brave storm trooper. Which weapon do you like more: metal shotguns, lasers, rayguns or rockets? You need to perform the task, which you are the best at, you need to shoot and kill enemies! A new sci-fi shooter with RPG elements means quality and crazy action, that’s the difference from ordinary shooters. It will be interesting to play, that’s for sure.

As well as all the shooters with RPG elements, our space shooter has a lot of weapons. You are going to fight against ordinary troopers and drones as well as against cyborgs and armoured robots. Traditionally, levels end up with a hard and tension battle, the strongest Bosses are already waiting. All the bosses are unique, and only a skilled player, who is a sniper and a storm trooper at once, could conquer them from the first time. There are animated comics with jokes and interesting heroes, which will amaze players between the levels. And the program optimization allows to gain high capacity and good FPS level even on low-cost devices. This hurricane space action, is what you were looking for! Choose a metal gun and conquer enemy planets!

Peculiarities of the game:
- Exciting unique levels, beautiful landscapes and bosses.
- Weapon for everybody: metal shotgun, laser, raygun, rocket, plasma howitzer, acid solvent, resonator, atomic cannon, deafening grenades and other.
- Variety of unique enemies: foot troops, combat robots, cyborgs, drones, underwater, ocean and forest huge beasts.
- Exciting dynamic action.
- Variety of game actions, possibility to upgrade a hero and play, choosing your own unique strategy.
- High FPS even on low-cost devices.
- Multiplayer is not supported.




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