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*This application was developed ONLY for Wallpeckers event, which will be performed in Berlin and Seoul.
*To participate in this game, a participant must arrive at the event venue.

Introduction Wallpeckers - From the DMZ to the Berlin wall
A digital game Wallpeckers - From the DMZ to the Berlin wall makes players experience theme of Boundary through interaction. This game is developed to celebrate a year of 2019, 30 years from fall of Berlin wall. It puts together not only similarities but also differences between Korea and Germany in their history of division. This game especially attempted to strengthen awareness for this subject among young people.

Production history
A boundary does exist not only on physical space but also in peoples mind. A boundary divides people as well as territories. A symbolic example remains in near past and present; Fall of Berlin wall in 1989 peace revolution and the Korean DMZ(Demilitarized zone), still dividing South and North Korea on 38 degree north latitude. In timeline, players can check historically important events happened in these two boundaries.

How to play the game
During the game, a player becomes division professional journalist. Through gamified research and editing process, a player writes an article with facts of DMZ and Berlin wall. A player chooses an interesting topic from areas such as Politics, Sports and Art & Culture, collects text pieces from installed works in actual spaces and completes articles like doing puzzles.
Get Press code : If a player doesnt get the press code from event site, the game cant be started.
Choose a topic : A player chooses interesting topics(Newspaper section) among 6 topics such as politics, sports and art & culture.
Write an article : A player doesnt actually write an article but find clues to be included in blank spaces of an article and enter the code. An article is composed of five Ws(Who, When, Where, What, Why) and one H(How) elements in application.
Research for the article : A player looks for five Ws and one H elements scattered in actual spaces, finding clues and matching them.
Face check : A player get confirmed from desk if the facts matched in blank spaces of the article are true.
Publish the article : After doing fact check, a player forwards the article.

Introduction of fixed events as of now

This interactive game will be published for the first time at January 17th, 2019 from visitor center of Memorial of the Berlin wall. Official launching event in Korea will be held near Dora mountain station, a place with symbolic meaning, at January 24th, 2019. These two launching events are invitations only. Detailed information about next game events in Berlin and Seoul will be announced soon.

Wallpeckers - From the DMZ to the Berlin wall is collaborated project of Goethe-institut Korea and NOLGONG.
This project also collaborated with Arts Council Korea(ARKO) and had professional support from Berlin Wall Foundation.

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Developer: NOLGONG

Genre: Education

App version: 1.8.9

App size: 40M

Recent changes: This update includes minor app and performance improvements.