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The wall is a solid structure that limits and sometimes protects an area. Generally, walls constrain a building and support other structures, restrict space in buildings into rooms, or protect or limit an outdoor space. The three main types of structural walls are building walls, boundary walls, and retaining walls.

The walls of the building have two main functions, namely supporting the roof and ceiling, dividing the room, and protect against intrusion and weather. The wall covers the privacy walls, boundary markers, and city walls. This type of wall is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the fence. Retaining wall serves as an obstacle to movement of soil, rocks, or water and can be either an external or internal part of a building. There is no more important element in building your house, other than a wall.

Yes. Through the construction of walls, we can create various forms of space with the area we want. Well, let's take a moment to see the condition of the walls in our homes. How is it? Do you like it? Or the wall that now looks boring? Generally, we install a painting or family photos to decorate the walls. This applies not only to classic homes, even to your bearers of minimalist style, required to keep a touch of personal detail such as colors, decorations, and other materials, to make the wall look more special. Currently a lot of wall paint and wallpaper are sold.

But if you want to make the wall more unique and interesting. Currently a lot of wall paint and wallpaper are sold. But if you want to make the wall more unique and interesting. Having a beautiful home in terms of both interior and exterior is always the desire of everyone. Usually to get the appropriate home interior design, they will first choose the concept of home theme, whether the theme is minimalist, modern, or classic with a touch of vintage.

After knowing the theme of the house to be chosen, then homeowners choose furniture that can fill their homes. After getting the appropriate furniture, the next stage is to organize the furniture in various places and make it interesting. But, to get a beautiful room, not only the selection of large furniture that can be used, because in addition you can also decorate your room with various accessories that can make the room look as attractive as possible, especially the rooms that can be seen many people like the living room.




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