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Download this app named MATHTools.

MATHTools is a collection of handy tools for high school (and early university) students who deal with math.

It all started as a small weekend project in Feb 2013; but I started experimenting and adding features little by little and continued to make it better. MATHTools is a tiny open source app that offers a handy set of tools in a nice, clean and modern interface.

As I got into university, the app was left off for a while, but I decided to publish it and work on it again if others also find it useful.

I'll need your help to make this app better and further usable. So, your feedback is always welcome. Please use the "Feedback" option in the action bar and tell me which features you would like to see!

Here's a list of currently available tools:

- Vector Multiplication ( dot and cross product )
- Vector Projections (2D/3D - scalar and vector)
- Line Analyzer (2D/3D - parallel/skew/identical/intersecting lines)

Hình học:
- None (yet)

Lượng giác:
- None (yet)

Giải tích:
- None (yet)

As you see, three of the four sections of the app don't have any công cụ yet. I have a couple of ideas in mind, but I will definitely need qua một vài thao tác đơn giản trên help to prioritize them. For instance, would you like to see cheat sheets as well, or do you prefer the app to be focused on actual tools?

As mentioned earlier, MATHTools is open source, so, contributions are much appreciated! Feel free to browse the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/aminb/mathtools

Please help translate the app to your language at https://crowdin.net/project/mathtools

Tin cập nhật:

Thêm Turkish translation (thanks to mesutormanli)

Thêm Kurdish translation (thanks to zhiyarzhika)

Thêm Italian translation (thanks to danux88)

Thêm Persian translation

đã sửa NaN bug when analyzing a vertical line (thanks to danux88)

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