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Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. If not spoken throughout the country, its understood in every part of Pakistan. Urdu is a rich language and has great treasure of literature. Either it is in the form of novel, short stories, drama or poetry.Urdu Poetry is the very soft way to convey sentiments and poets are very sensitive human beings. Poetry is also known as Shayari in sub-continent. A poet can express his thoughts in one verse which might not be explained or expressed even in a thousand words article.
Poetry can be regarded as a universal language the way it affects and attracts almost every single human being. Everybody is bewitched by the charms of poetry at some stage of his life.Poetry plays an important role in evolution of a particular language, so is the case with Urdu language.
Urdu poetry, as it pleases our souls in its current shape and form, took quite a time to evolve to its current state and stature.
sad poetry in Urdu is written in a rich language which has a great treasure of literature. Urdu language is basically the language of poets. This language has depth in it words and uses beautiful phrases to form the poetry. Romantic poetry was the origin to the poetry world in modern literature. There has been so much contribution to the poetry from Hindi Syahari in the past.
Even though Urdu love poetry is very complicated subject which exhibit itself in many different forms it yet attract many lovers. Urdu poetry has many features added to its literature. This poetry takes many different forms like Ghazal, Shayari and many more. These are beautifully written with deep meanings attaches to the words. It is a short poem full of emotions and feelings.
Many of the great Urdu sad poetry have devoted their entire lives in creating such poetry for the Urdu lovers worldwide. They have also put tremendous efforts to enrich and promote the experience that as a poet of Urdu genre they experience. Today there are many people who love poetry in Urdu. These poets have taken out such a beautiful collection of poetry that can appeal people of all ages.




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