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The World's First A.I. Guitar Teacher!
For guitarists who want to pick fast and accurate without wasting any more time.

NOTICE: This is the free android client for a paid program! Not free access to the program!

It doesn't need a camera or microphone!

Solves the problem of guitarists missing out on many fundamental elements of picking because they learn licks that only encompass a few exercises. The program finds their actual flaws they may have never noticed so there is no longer a confusion about what to practice or what the goal is.

It sets specific goals dynamically which is always based on your current level of playing (strengths and weaknesses). So it saves a lot of time and frustration.

No more confusion about what to practice. Saves time by only focusing on weakness. Easy to use because it adjusts to your own level of playing.

Over 4 hours of lessons by expert Allen Van Wert with slow motion close ups demonstrating his unique methods of training picking and how to apply it to your own playing.

CROSS PLATFORM - Practice at home and take it on the road, all platforms work as one so they all stay updated regardless of where you last practiced or which platform you used.

Guitarists tend to learn licks and songs which is fun but they miss out on fundamental elements of practicing. Even with seemingly focused lesson material, they focus on only a few exercises because they know people don't have a lot of time to practice virtually endless exercises. Most guitarists ask me what they should be practicing and the answer to that is a little different for everyone. One common question is how to pick fast and accurately. They have tried everything for years and nothing seems to really help them out.

A training program that uses A.I. to find your actual weakness and sets specific goals for you (down to the exact 10th of a note per second.) It learns about your own playing and adapts to it so you will never have to ask what you should be practicing again.

There is nothing else like this in the world and you will save valuable time by using my program to follow a direct path to picking success. No more wasted energy or time.

1 You take an assessment by playing 109 exercises but NOT practicing them. You use the metronome and click the pick to submit your best clean tempo.

2 The program analyzes your speeds on the 109 exercises to see where there are discrepancies based in the a.i. algorithms.

3It figures out what you are bad at based on how far you are from where you SHOULD be on each and every exercise. Not by simply saying X is a higher number than Y so Y is worse. That wouldn't need a massive set of algorithms.
You only practice those red exercises the program figures out as your weaknesses. There are usually less than fifteen of them.

4 The amount you advance on those FEWexercises goes toward your overall N.P.S. advancement NOT all 109 exercises.

5You practice those few red exercises until they are no longer red. You see that you have advanced more notes per second than any other method in history. You also notice that by practicing the RIGHT exercises you needed to fix your actual underlying issues with picking causes all of your playing to advance a lot and you can play those tough songs more easily within days.

Over 4 hours of video
Close up slow motion angles
Lifetime access to the program
Notation of over 100 exercises

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