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Tuks Timetable helps University of Pretoria students organise their student lives and kick-start the semester.

Особливості гри:

Timetable generator
Using the latest information available on the university website, the app creates all the possible combinations of your timetable, and shows you the ones with the least clashes first.

It's flexible, allowing you to select your preferred language, specify groups and edit the information within the app.

NotificationsGet notified of upcoming tests and key dates.

Automatic key dates integration
The weekly timetable automatically clears your lectures, practicals and tutorials on public holidays and during exam times and recess. It also detects timetable changes (Monday follows Friday timetable) and performs those changes without you having to worry.

Semester tests
All of your semester tests are added automatically when you generate your timetable. It will also tell you if and when any tests will clash while you create your timetable.

Встановити нагадування
At its core, it's just a simple timetable app. You can create reminders, customise them, and keep on track with the weekly overview feature.

Weekly overview
The weekly timetable provides an overview of the current week (or any week you select), showing you all of the key events for that week, including any public holidays, registration dates, recess dates, reminders and tests.

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