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The rules of the game are basically the same as in the "normal" Reversi, except that you play on a triangular grid. At the beginning of the game some disks are already placed in the middle of the board (more advanced players can also choose to place these disks on their own).
Each player can set one disk of his color on the game board every turn. This disk must be placed next to an other disk and it must be able to flip at least one opponents disk. To flip disks of your rival, these disks must be in a line between one of your disks and the disk you actually set - clever placing of disks may result in multiple lines of your opponents disks flipping over! The game is either played until the whole game board is filled with disks or until no player has any possibility place new disks.
When one of these happens, the game ends and the player that owns the majority of the disks on the board wins.

Режими гри

In each of the game modes you can choose two different winning conditions: By playing with final count, like in the "normal" reversi, the player with the most disks at the end of the game wins. With permanent count the disks are counted every turn and then added to your score, which makes it important to control a large number of disks during the whole game.

Режим одиночної гри:
In this mode you play alone versus the computer. You can choose who of you begins and what color you take. You also have the option to place the first disks on the board yourself or use predefined starting conditions.

Багатокористувацький режим:
Here you can fight duels with one or two of your friends (or your enemies). Each player controls one color, before the game starts, the beginning color is chosen. More advanced players may also set the first disks themselves trying to get a crucial advantage already at the beginning of the game. Be ready for long and tactically challenging matches!

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