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Hunting knowledge has been passed down generation after generation through out the history of mankind. Without experienced knowledge, you have nothing when it comes time to be a successful hunter. Modern times are dominated by income and the time at work to get it. The average person who hunts today has very little time to hone their skills by trial and error in the field. Costs of gear combined with time away from work makes knowledge and experience absolutely vital to success. This app is going to put you ahead in decades.

The blacktail deer is by far the most difficult game animal in North America to successfully harvest on a regular basis. Finding and harvesting a MATURE blacktail buck is what this app specializes in. Old school passing of knowledge has finally caught up to technology. This app is the only truly helpful 'hunting app' available today for blacktail deer hunters from Alaska through to California.

Download today, take close to 40 years of blacktail hunting knowledge with you into any remote location on the planet and use it to get better. This app updates non stop with new content at no extra charge.


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