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Run this app named "Old School" Monsters Database or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

This is the "Old School" Monsters Database app. It has 2 indexes, is searchable, can be filtered to only show relevant results and is as easy to use as we could make it. It is designed to be compatible with the 1st and 2nd edition AD&D, OSRIC, Adventures dark and deep, and pretty much any other "Old School" game system you like with minimal modifications.

The point of the project is to collect as many "Monsters" as we can into an android app, make them searchable by level, climate, habitat, so if a GM wants a level 3 to 5 monster, that lives in shallow fresh water, in a temperate climate, he can, in a couple of clicks, get a list to choose from, and hopefully find just the right challenge for what he is working on. Once you have the monster you want, you will have clickable links to all the important stuff associated with that monster.

This app is designed for Android tablets, it will function fine on a phone, especially a larger one, but it looks best on a tablet.

This is an app that is a book that is a database - as monsters are added they will be pushed to all users as an update, likewise if errors are found they can be fixed very quickly. I built it because I wanted it. I would like to share it with you in the hope that we can make it better.

When you are the gamemaster you have enough to do without leafing through several books trying to look up stats for a particular monster, then look up the spells or spell like abilities it has, the monsters it associates with, how many xp's it is worth, what level encounter it is - etc.

Some of you probably use our "Old School RPG Tables" And "Old School Spells" free apps for android, and if you don't, and you play AD&D 1st edition or similar check them out.

I hope that some of you will have some great monsters that you have created that you will want to see in the app. Maybe some old school artwork that you will allow us to use. Anyone whose stuff is used will get a direct hyperlink to their home page from every item used so that if someone says "Wow - that pic is cool!" they can instantly click to your home page to see the rest of your stuff. Of course if you wish to remain anonymous - we will respect that also.

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