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Trumania: Evidence Cam timestamps for Photo/Video Download

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Trumania: Evidence Cam timestamps for Photo/Video

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Run this app named Trumania: Evidence Cam timestamps for Photo/Video or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Take photo and video and put a stamp on it with ID number, date, time, and location. This is now evidence of anything that is captured. Share it now in social networks or use for Business.

Trumania App makes photos and videos, puts a stamp on it containing an ID, date, time, and location. Then Trumania uploads your media file to its servers and since then, this file is proof of what was taken on it and proof that no editing was applied.

Trumania takes photos and videos the way your phone's camera sees and doesn't allow the photo or video to be edited.
If someone wants to verify the authenticity of a photo or video, just search the ID in the app or on our website.

Some areas where Trumania delivers serious value include:

Trumania allows a person to show the world their true self.

eBay, Instagram Sales, Amazon, Shopify, goods from China, equipment sales, AliExpress, etc.) - Everything you need to fix the quality of the product. Especially if the product is used.
Trumania is designed to work with both - buyers and sellers to bridge the gap between customer expectations and reality. It allows prospective customers to verify images and product quality on platforms such as eBay and Craigslist, which mainly sell used items. Buyers and clients can also ask businesses to provide photos taken through the Trumania app, so that the product appears exactly the way it is.

Many businesses require proof of delivery once a product is received or if the delivery guy leaves a package at the door. At times, the package may be damaged. Using Trumania, an unpacking video can be made of the damaged product and used as evidence to lodge a complaint with the vendor.

Trumania can help take remote reference and primary photos and videos of insured cars or apartments for insurance companies.
In case of insurance event - photographs and video from Trumania will fix the date, time and location of the event.

Using Trumania to take photos and videos of charity events and other welfare tasks helps eliminate sponsors doubts regarding how their money is being spent.

Working parents often have no choice but to leave their child at home with a nanny or a babysitter. Trumania helps them keep track of their childs activities like fixing the time and location of a walk in the park, keeping a check on the childs lunchtime as well as bedtime.

In the art market, sellers of paintings and other valuable pieces are required to take a photo with that days newspaper to fix and verify the date, time, and location. However, this can be faked, and hence does not prove anything at all. Trumania will accurately prove that the picture was shot at a particular location, time, and date.

This app is useful for a variety of medical purposes like checking the validity of medical prescriptions as well as verifying the credibility of research data and results.

For an advertising agency, photos taken with Trumania are a great way to keep track of BTL promotions, perform quality checks, and maintain other essential records.

When you need to decide on a quick deal in the absence of legal counsel, Trumania can be used to record the terms of the deal.

Sports events (especially online), contests, challenges, competitions.

Fixing the warehouse, employees' work hours, work performed, and much more.

Evidence of any particularly important work, deliveries, execution of plans, etc.

Share it with your friends and business!
Protect yourself from being deceived!

Thank you for choosing Trumania to host your true photos and videos.

Get this photo date label evidence cam & live capture social sharing app now for FREE.

Run or download Trumania: Evidence Cam timestamps for Photo/Video using our android online emulator from


Developer: Trumania LLC

Genre: Social

App version: 4.2

App size: 61M

Recent changes: Improved performance for video
Improved performance for Audio


I love this app. I love the layout and the feel around the app. Makes me feel like I have a real camera on me all the time, without filtering and editing. How the photos are saved and dated makes perfect sense.

I randomly downloaded expecting to be mediocre and was pleasantly surprised at the real stuffs here ! Loveit

Slow app. Unnecessary function are there but basic functions are missing like back button. Not user friendly or can say nor ergonomically designed interface .

You can make any photo or video private or public. Private media is only visible to you or the person you sent it to. You can check the originality of a photo or video on our website by using the ID number. Public media is available for anyone in our galleries.

Very useful app I like it new graphics new look easy to use, social media app helpful'