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Triplet Baby Mommy Pregnant Surgery Operation Download

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Triplet Baby Mommy Pregnant Surgery Operation

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Download this app named Triplet Baby Mommy Pregnant Surgery Operation.

The hardworking doctor never gets to rest since he is so dedicated to his work and his patients!! He is definitely the most certified gynecologist for a reason!! The reason being that he takes care of all the pregnant mommy with utmost attention!! He makes sure their emergency surgery goes as smoothly as possible!!

Similarly, it is time for yet another surgery!!! This time the patient pregnant mommy is expecting triplet babies!!! She must be in a lot of pain carrying three babies together!! Help her relieve like you always do and perform the best kind of mommy care ever!! Using the best surgical instruments that you have collected from all around the world assure the safety of pregnant mommy surgery!!

Triplet baby surgery is three times more hectic than a twin and single baby surgery!! Using the best of your hospital facilities and care you have to make sure that the mommy goes through a peaceful labor period and prove yourself as a worthy gynecologist. Your anesthesia has to be very secure which will assure the pain and calm mommy would go through during operation!!!

The life and safety of both pregnant mommy and the triplet baby lies in your hand in these baby games!!
The game follows a full surgery game simulation which also amounts to adding common biological in players!! Pregnancy operations are jobs which require ultimate focus and concentration! Mistakes can not be entertained!!

The mommy must first go through some body examinations before stepping into the operation theatre!! After that and only after that must you take her for the operation surgery or things can get in a critical condition!!

You need to make sure that pregnant mommy gets enough mom care so make sure that she sleeps long and well and after that she must eat all healthy foods to keep her fresh and full and safe!!

Then proceed to warming her up before triplet baby pregnancy surgery officially begins!! This includes taking certain tests such as taking the blood test and blood pressure!! Then also taking her oxygen level and providing her with enough sugar level security!!
After that ensure a safe anesthesia injection to give her!! After the anesthesia sinks in you must check her ultrasound to ensure safety of all triplet baby!! You must put a numbing gel on her stomach before cutting it to get out the triplet baby!!

Once that is done follow the instructions on the screen and cut the stomach, then get out the triplet baby and give them baby care!! Stitch the mommy stomach and the give her baby!! This way your operation games surgery is complete!!

• Start game
• Select mommy
• Play scene by scene
• Follow the finger indicator as it guides
• Play through all levels like that
• After first round is finish you can play with other mommy character the same way
• There are multiple tests before surgery, perform them
• Then give mommy anesthesia injection
• Presume surgery
• You have triplet baby at the end!!




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