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Tricks eel This home can help children to take advantage of your home environment. Surely you are already familiar with this one animal, eel is a fish shaped like a bunch of snakes. Although it looks like a snake, but these animals are not wild animals because it is still a family with a fish. You can cultivate eel by utilizing the home page of your surroundings. Tricks to Raising Eels in the House, we will use the media keg that has been modified to media eel. Tricks Eel Aquaculture can be categorized as fish farming or livestock. However, there are differences between fish and eels, where eels live in areas of water and mud simultaneously. Eels have a respiratory system that can live in two places. There are two types of eel developed or cultivated. Among these are eel and eel swamp rice fields. These two different forms of eels, where the swamp eel is characterized by a more slender body and long. Problem where eels will find favor empowering, all back to you. Because despite coming from two different places, in general, they were the same cultivation. You need to know that there are two eel farming techniques, the first one is a nursery and the second is enlargement. breeding technique done naturally (not hormonal), the result is a seed eel. While enlargement technique where eels are raised to be ready for consumption. Eel is one type of cultivation are quite beneficial. Therefore you should know about the trick eel housing to be cultivated with the corresponding results. Eel is a water animal that goes to the fish family with a shape like a snake. Eels own entrance to Synbranchidae family. Because the meat tastes delicious and has high nutrition, so then eels become one of the aquatic animals were highly favored by the people both domestically and abroad. maintain eel is hard. Therefore you must know the tricks eel home so that you know you should do the trick.
Type eel most widely known in Indonesia is rice field eel (Monopterus albus). Raising eels actually not so difficult because the eel can be grown either in the pool or drum. On this occasion, we will discuss a little about the tricks eel home.
Good medium for breeding eels in the pond and the drum was dried mud, manure, rice straw, TSP, and microorganisms stater. By doing so you have to know the trick eel home and you can use the land the home page and can be made as a business opportunity.

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