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Traditional Mehndi Designs 2021

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Women love to put on Mehndi and flaunt it whether if its for religious festivals or weddings. Mehndi is an essential part of Eids and Weddings and it can be applied in various designs on your hands and feet. Our app provides you with the best and latest mehndi designs that you can copy and apply to your hands and feet. If you are looking for the best design that suits your likes then this app is for you.

Traditional Mehndi Designs 2021-Mehndi Styles 2021 got hundreds of following categories:
Indian Mehndi Design:
Mehndi art originated in India. This type of design is highly intricate and very carefully made with no spaces left in between. The patterns are placed very closely together to create a continuous design. The designs that the Indians have come up with are enticing. With mango and peacock henna designs as their specialty, Indian mehndi looks very appealing and it is loved by women all over the world.

Arabic Mehndi Design:
Arabic designs are a little different from Indian designs. They have a lot of negative spaces and doesnt contain the thinner or little details that Indian designs have. The elephant design is the most special pattern in Arabic designs. It is very extravagant with patterns of leaves, birds, and vines. It also contains a lot of dot-like patterns that make the whole henna design mesmerizing. Other embellishments like sparkles or stickers are also added to Arabic designs to make them more alluring.

Hand Mehndi design:
These designs are every womens favorite when it comes to weddings or festivals. For religious festivals like Eid, very thin or intricate mehndi patterns are applied while for weddings, brides usually go for mehndi designs that have no blank space and look very lavish. Hand designs are usually highly preferred by women as they are less tacky and cannot be easily smudged. With the trend of minimalism nowadays, women usually prefer thin mehndi on their fingers or just on the palms.
When it comes to traditional designs, the Mughlai pattern of mehndi is also applied which gives royal and extravagant vibes. These patterns are usually made using paisleys and leaves.

Feet Mehndi design:
These designs are usually extra and preferred by brides. Mostly bridal mehndi designs are copied exactly on both feet so that they look similar but they can also be different. Feet designs are usually minimal with the use of a lot of dots, vines, and a visible bigger pattern in the middle of the feet. The toes are adorned similarly with smaller patterns and dots. Spaces are left so that the lady can wear accessories such as toe rings. Whether Indian or Arabic, our app Traditional Mehndi Designs 2021-Mehndi Styles 2021 has a variety of feet designs ready to be viewed and perfected in an application by you.

Bridal Mehndi Design:
Our app Traditional Mehndi Designs 2021-Mehndi Styles 2021 has a plethora of diverse designs that will help if you are on the lookout for exclusive and unique henna designs for brides. Brides usually prefer heavy and lavish designs that are completely packed with no blank space. The idea is to adorn the brides body with mehndi designs that imitate expensive jewelry. Floral, paisley, and Indian designs dominate bridal mehndi patterns.

Eid Mehndi Design:
Mehndi patterns for Eid are usually thin and not that lavish when compared with bridal mehndi designs. They are usually not adorned with glitter or sparkles. Eid designs are artistic and creative yet minimal. It is usually applied on hands but very rarely on feet as it is then considered to be very loud for eid celebrations.

So what are you waiting for? Download Traditional Mehndi Designs 2021-Mehndi Styles 2021 now and check out the latest mehndi trends!

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