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Run this app named TraceDevice - Car security - or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

A smartphone can have the function of a drive recorder. You can always record with the front or rear camera, which is also effective for tilting. The focus can be kept constant, and the white balance is adjusted when passing through the tunnel.

In vibration detection mode, if a gyroscope sensor detects a vibration exceeding an arbitrary threshold, it will notify you by email. A snapshot of the previous and next videos will be attached to the email. The location information notification function sends location information by e-mail when a distance exceeding an arbitrary threshold is moved at regular time intervals. It is a powerful tool for parking monitoring of your car.

[Application title]

[Preparation for use]
(1) Insert a cheap SIM into a used smartphone. If you do not have an old smartphone, please use your smartphone while charging. * 1
(2) Install the app on your smartphone.
(3) Place your smartphone in the car. * 2

[How to use the drive recorder]
(1) Switch the direction of the camera you want to record back and forth.
(2) Start recording with the drive recorder.
(3) Since the focus is fixed when you tap the screen, it is ideal for recording from inside the car.
(4) Stop recording with the red stop button.
(5) Recorded videos are stored in the album app.

[How to use the parking monitoring function]
(1) Configure email settings. * 3
(2) Adjust the threshold to detect vibration. The threshold value varies depending on the model, so please adjust it on each terminal.
(3) Start parking monitoring.
(4) When vibration is detected, the previous and next snapshots are attached to a set e-mail address and sent as an e-mail. * 3
(4) End parking monitoring with the end button or red stop button.

[How to use the location information notification function]
(1) Configure email settings. * 3
(2) When the current position is set, the alert information moved from the fixed position acquired by GPS will be sent by e-mail.
(3) You can adjust the threshold (time, distance, etc.) for detecting position information from the setting screen.
(4) Set in the car. * 2
(5) When the car is moved, the current location information is sent by e-mail at the specified time interval.

[Explanation of precautions]
* 1: If you do not have a SIM, you will not be able to send e-mails or use the free version. The paid version can be used without a SIM.
* 2: Please refrain from using in a car that is hot.
* 3: Basic e-mail settings are required from the side menu. Also, cloud services such as Gmail may require two-step authentication or OAuth2 authentication when sending emails, so please use an email address that allows you to cancel the authentication settings yourself.

[Other features]
The information that you setted can be backed up by export and restored by import. Smooth transitions can be made when changing smartphone models. It is also possible to erase all settings and initialize.

* Advertisement is displayed at the bottom of the free version.
* The free version has limited functions.
* This app has a function to process data in the background. Notification information may not be sent if blocked by an application such as task kill.
* Smartphone operation while driving is against the law. Please operate the app while the car is stopped.

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