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RC Helikopter Simülatörü 3D

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Download this app named RC Helicopter Simulator 3D.

Get ready for the best flight simulator experience, as you remotely pilot an RC Chopper Helicopter in challenging levels. Play through four highly detailed and objective based levels in the best possible times to gain high score and get unlock bonuses.

You are equipped with a highly efficient and military grade RC Chopper Helicopter. The players will be equipped with detailed RC chopper 3D sim controllers like joystick controls for navigation and thruster bars for controlling the altitude of the helicopter.

Players will have to keep in mind the time limitation during each level, along with the challenging objectives like putting out fires with water supplies, carrying soldiers to designations, lifting up cargo's and metals with commercial magnet lifters.

Challenging 3D Simulation Levels
Each level presents a whole new and different objective for players to complete. You will need to avoid obstacles like walls, fires and barrages. You will receive various powerups for each level to get the job done. Lifting obstacles and their transportation, putting out fires and carrying soldiers to safety will be just a taste of some challenging 3D Simulation missions.

RC Helicopter Simulator 3D is free to download and play. Download Now!

> Highly realistic RC Chopper Helicopter Simulator 3D
> Flight, altitude and directional adjustments through sliders and joysticks
> Detailed objective based levels with time limits
> Radar system for tracking objects and destinations.




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