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Run this app named Petze: your child time control or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

With Petze, (Telltale) you can control compliance with the usage times you have configured for your child or yourself. Petze runs completely offline. With the installation you have a free trial period of 2 days. After this you buy Petze as a one-time purchase. Petze offers you completely new possibilities for the simplest configuration of your time specifications and a clear control of the mobile phone use.

Tamamen çevrimdışı
No data distribution
No tracking
No "stalking"
Kayıt yok
No collection of personal data
Only installed on the "child" mobile phone/tablet (the mobile phone/tablet to be monitored)

Easy configuration of usage times
Innovative configuration: in just 4 steps you configure - in dialogue with your child - permitted periods and a total usage time. Holidays and public holidays are automatically taken into account Almanya . NO configuration jungle.
Record free days (e.g. moving vacation days) so that they can be taken into account for observation.
In the exceptions, configure the apps (e.g. learning apps) that should değil be observed for the calculation of the permitted periods and the total time of use.
The standard PIN is: 3456 .

Alman yapımı
thought and made in Germany

Gizli maliyet yok
Petze is available as a one-time purchase:
Ücretsiz deneme süresi.
Reklam yok.
Tek seferlik SATIN ALMA.
For your child: install the mobile phone/tablet with your Google account, download Petze, set up a restricted user for your child, assign Petze to your child as an allowed app.
Dont deactivate the Play-Store App for the restricted user. It is needed to verify your purchase. Google takes control for the restricted user, that the Play-Store cannot be accessed and that purchases are not possible. Because of this, the purchase has to be concluded over the main user of your device.

Monitoring of usage exclusively on the basis of the apps used
No content (e.g. from chats)
No history (e.g. from browsers/YouTube or similar)
No paternalism by blocking individual apps:
Transferring the responsibility for compliance with the jointly defined rules to the child.
Promotion of independence through the trust you place in your child.
Operation of apps still possible (also to get in touch with parents)

Control at a glance
Petze offers you a simple overview of your child's mobile phone usage and your own usage times.
Overview of total usage time:
Display of consumption as a percentage of the configured usage time.
List of used apps with time taken.
Control of past values (last 30 days).
Additional overview of:
Possible manipulation attempts (e.g. PIN entered, time manipulated)
Detailed list of app usage:
Outside permitted periods.
Outside the total permitted time.
For apps that have been configured as unobservable.

No upbringing/no substitute for upbringing - keep in touch with your child
Work out rules for using mobile phones together with your child.
Determine consequences for non-compliance with your child.
Carry out the configuration together with your child.
Joint daily parent child control of actual cell phone use (e.g. as part of an evening ritual).

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