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Run this app named Life Timer App - How To Live 10 Years Longer or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Want to know how to live longer?

Download the app and learn about factors which affect your life span. Improve your life expectancy by following the advises we have for you.

Bunu biliyor muydunuz:

* eating 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables improves your life expectancy by 3 years? Let's change your diet!

* smoking 5 cigarettes per day decreases your life span by 7-10 years. Are you sure you want to continue smoking?

* sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours increases your risk of death by 20%. For the best health and longest life span sleep 7-8 hours.

* having a lot of red or processed meat in your diet removes a couple of years from your life expectancy. Look for white meat and vegetarian options for longer life span.

* 3 drinks per WEEK is fine for your health. But 3 drink per DAY would cause your life expectancy to drop by 2-3 years.

Our application will help you increase your life expectancy. We compiled results from various scientific studies to come up with a formula on how certain habits and other factors affect your life span.

You will be able to see how much longer you could live by making big or small life style changes. Our team is constantly working on enriching the pool of questions available in the application to explore all the possibilities and potential changes in the daily routines which help to improve your life expectancy and live longer and healthier life.

Using the application is simple: just answer several questions about yourself and your daily habits (the answers never leave your phone and are not shared with anyone). We will show how much, on average, answers affect the life expectancy. For example, eating a lot of red or processed meat decreases life span significantly, you will see how many years you can gain by exercising more frequently.
Tap on the "Max age in your group" text and you will see the changes needed to improve the life expectancy up to a maximum.
Tap on the question mark at the bottom of the screen and see the explanation on how answer to this question relates to life span.

From time to time you will receive an Implex notification with a question like, how much did you sleep last night? how much did you exercise today? These reminders will help you to lead a healthier life style and live longer. Work on improving your life expectancy does not stop with answering the questions, you will need to stay on top of it every day to achieve great results.

Do not miss a chance to look at suggestions we have for you - how to live longer and be healthy!

For a short period of time all the questions are free of charge, no in-app purchases required to complete the full questionnaire and learn about your life span!

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