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Tanya Kunze has created this assessment based on the principles of an expanded or contracted awareness and taking into consideration the physiological impact negativity has on our functionality in the world. Our experience with over 200 candidates indicated that when one is positive, ones physiology is more receptive to noticing opportunities and having the tenacity to take them to fruition. Our ultimate goal is an outcome of a manifestation of abundance through raising our vibration. Fight to be light created by Tanya Kunze and is a process of shifting from heavy negative amygdala fear based thinking and raising our vibration to light Anterior Cingulate bliss. We have three main elements we all need to be in alignment in order for us to feel a deep sense of peace, our thoughts, our energy and the reaction we are having to the thoughts our mind is thinking and our body which is a mirror of our thoughts and our energy. If our body is ill, we go to a medical doctor to treat our physical body, when our mind is ill, we go to psychological specialist to treat our mental body, but when our energy is ill, which is a monumental component of who we are, as when our energy is gone, we are gone, yet we are so far removed from our energy and often dont notice it at all, our energy is like data, if you dont have data, none of your tech works! But if we identify that our energy is ill, there is no one qualified to treat us; that is why it is essential to become attuned to your energy and mange it with your thoughts and your body essentially marrying mind, body and energy.

Please answer each of the following questions in line with how you are FEELING and NOT how you are THINKING about each question. When you read the question, pause, quiet your mind and feel what your body is telling you. This is not a cerebral assessment, but rather a physiological and energy based assessment. All we are concerned about in this assessment is do you feel light or heavy? Take your time to identify what your body is telling you.

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