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Run this app named FortuneTella - free fortune teller app or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Are 3.600 free prophecies not enough for you? You can gain more Fortis that you can use to unlock more prophecies simply by using the app or by sharing your results on Facebook. There are over 8.200 prophecies available for you to unlock!
Prophecies are divided into five different topics:
Hayat ve sağlık
Aşk ve arkadaşlık
İş ve Para
and simple YES or NO
that you can choose from. Or, alternatively, you can use one of several dozen prophecies bags just waiting to be unlocked (e.g. Power of Nature, Animals, Trees and so on).

FortuneTella offers you four different paths of easy fortune-telling:
Duality - two faces
Stars - amazing path! see your prophecies as stars orbiting around the frozen flame of time
Every prophecy can be read as positive, neutral or negative depending on its sign. Positive and negative meanings range from low to high. So a simple omen, for example, "You will receive a message soon" can be read in seven different ways! Blue means positive, red - negative.

All past prophecies can be found in a special place: Prophecies Sky. (görmek Video:)
They live there for a while, shining like stars and leaving a mark behind them after their death, thus creating your unique fortune sky. But omens aren't safe there. They can be attacked by other prophecies of an opposite sign. This can drastically reduce their life and size. Thankfully some of the prophecies can merge with each other. This greatly improves their size and brightness and also prolongs their life.

Have you ever seen a prophecies fight? Now you have a chance to witness this stunning spectacle!

FortuneTella allows you to share the prophecies you receive for example via e-mail, text message or Facebook sonrası and you can also read your friends' fortune!

Eğer istersen receive prophecies on selected days & times our app offers you a possibility to use Whispers, omens that show up at a certain time.
Surprise yourself! You never know which prophecy is waiting for you just around the corner.

This app also offers a special method for fortune telling - a Compass, where the direction is the actual prophecy. It is particularly helpful when choosing, for example, a right path, object or a person. You are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Don't wait and download this beautiful application now!

We wish you a good future! :)
FortuneTella team

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