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Niaga DNA (K&A - PQ 2019)

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A geolocalizing application for NIAGA DNA part of PQ2019
Download Niaga DNA to join the collective effort and jump through the giant geolocalized board game of the plaza.

Objective: 1 111 111 jumps in 6,5 days
0 is a jump for the right foot / 1 is a jump for the left foot.
01000001 is A / 01001011 is K
Jump from right to left and left to right

on the virtual boardgame of the plaza
to convert the 0 the the 1s that contain the DNA of Prague into letters, words sentences.. to read

The DNA of Prague, hidden in the 0&1s of the application contains the story of 47 portraits encoded in 0 & 1. You will jump a part of the story in 0 & 1 regarding to where you stand on the plaza. There are 19 zones: 3 lines of 6 levels. Challenge yourself in the amount of jumps or in the tempo of the jump. Jump on the tempo of the bird (177BPM), of the human (111BPM), of the whale (71BPM).
The more you jump the more you can read.
47 portraits written by K&A, that answer to the same questionnaire:

1. What is your morning ritual?
2. Do you want to take a last drink/dream on the street?
3. What do you do when you are sad?
4. What makes you jump?
5. What is your blue blood?
6. Can you write me your last letter?
7. Do you like pickles?
8. What is your ABCDAIR?

To trigger the imagination, the memory and the transformation of the collective
By jumping you get a part of their answers.
Imagine what could be the question
Imagine what the other answers are
Imagine the portrait
Imagine the rest of the DNA
Jump more :)

During 6,5 days
K&A invite the ones who pass-by La place du village, the meeting point of the city, to join a smiling collective effort, to become and the performer, and the viewer, and the scenography, and the past, and the present, and the future. At the end, each one becomes the guardian of a small part of NIAGA DNAs collective memory
In the border of dance, literature, technology and endurance, remembering the magnet of the feet -that for centuries carry ancient rituals- NIAGA DNA expands its roots on the square to include all in one.
Created for the city, in the city, by the citizens.
This application is part of the large scale project NIAGA DNA a collective jumping choreography for la place du village, designed and performed by K&A.
NIAGA DNA will take over the Industrial Plaza of Prague from 7 to 13 June during Prague Quadrennial 2019 ( as part of FORMATIONS, curated by Chase Angier & Serge von Arx.


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