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Learn elektronika adlı bu uygulamayı kolayca çalıştırın veya ApkOnline kullanarak indirin. Bunu Android çevrimiçi emülatörümüzü kullanarak yapabilirsiniz.

Have you always wanted to learn electronica but you did not know how to do it?
Welcome to this course to learn Basic Electronics.
This course is specially designed for all those people who are dedicated to the repair of household appliances and who for different reasons, have not been able to find free courses like this to learn electronic step by step.

Learn basic electronics from scratch with the video tutorials of this app explained step by step.
Understands the fundamental basis of electronic circuits and verifies operation by means of simulations
With this application of electronic learning step by step you will have the basic steps to begin to understand the components of the electric circuits.

In addition this application of Electronic Learning Easily with Tutorials is updated with time increasing the electronic courses that it already contains. So with time this app with basic electronic courses and manuals will be more and more complete and will have more tutorial videos of professionals of this work.

This course on learning basic electronics from scratch is focused on all types of students, especially those passionate about technology who wish to start in the world of electricity and electronics.
Do not hesitate and download this application to learn the basics of electronics and start repairing electronic devices yourself.

Another advantage of this application of how to learn basic electronics is that if you want to share any of the electronic tutorial videos of this free app, from its menu you can do it in a simple way.
This free application to know all the rules and techniques of electronics will not allow you to download content from it. If you want to enjoy the videos of this application of electronic learning, you must do it from the application itself for free.

If you are looking for an application to understand and learn basic electronics without complications and at your own pace for free, this is your best application with video manuals explained step by step.

Thank you for trusting us when downloading this application. We hope it will be useful and values positively.
Remember that you can share it to teach others basic electronics for free.'teki android çevrimiçi emülatörümüzü kullanarak Learn elektronika'yı kolayca çalıştırın veya indirin