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This mod, gives you the opportunity to build two dangerous army of toy soldiers, who will then battle in an epic battle with each other. Toy soldiers can be upgraded to different classes, and this adds different strategies to the game, since you can get them to play different roles on the battlefield. This is especially interesting in multiplayer, but you can use it in single mode.

How it works?
Toy soldiers are small, two-legged creatures that replace cows and pigs. They are divided into two teams (green versus red), and they, naturally, are hostile to each other. Players have nothing to fear, as neither team will harm the player.


You can upgrade the toy soldier to another class by giving him sugar or an arrow. The classes are explained below.

Health: 10 hearts
Normal speed
Attack Power: 1.5
Assassin (give toy soldier's sugar)
Health: 7.5 hearts
High speed
Attack Damage: 1
Spearman (give the toy soldier an arrow)
Health: 5 hearts
Drops arrows
Slow speed


You can watch how the two teams fight it in an epic battle, just breaking the wall that once divided them. Once this is done, they will quickly begin the battle and begin to fight until there is only one team left.

This mod is best suited for two players, as it will allow each player to build an army, and then two fighters will battle in the battle.

**** Please Note ****
You also have BlockLauncher for install mod and skin for minecraft Pe

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