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Toothdolist allows you to log in your dental hygiene habits like flossing, brushing, mouth washing, and whitening and then it evaluates how well those habits improve your dental health! Based on your current dental hygiene habits, toothdolist will assist you on taking on new habits that will improve your dental hygiene for the ideal oral health and hold you accountable to keep those habits for life!

It is perfect for anyone looking to improve their oral health as well as kids trying to create excellent dental hygiene habits!

Based on extensive research provided by the doctors of the American Dental Association, toothdolist evaluates dental hygiene habits in various categories. There are five categories that you can obtain in toothdolist and they are all color coordinated, ranging from the most ideal dental hygiene habit to the worst dental hygiene habit. Each habit is specific to a certain set of dental hygiene activities logged in by you. No matter what activities you log, you will fall into one of the five categories called habit indicators. These evaluations can be used to see where you need improvement and what you need to do in order to improve!

Toothdolist is the first dental application on the market that works directly with your dental hygiene habits rather than gimmicks that only target the brushing of your teeth. Toothdolist uses one of the most intuitive trackers, you! Toothdolist understands that we are what we repeatedly do. Dental hygiene habits have been inscribed within us since we were children and without the proper guidance and information, we may not actually know what those habits are doing to our teeth and gums.

Every day you log into the application your habits get evaluated and provide you with feedback on how well you are taking care of your dental hygiene. The solution is simple- to keep consistent with the best habit or aim towards it! Each daily log you make will provide feedback with the following features:


YOUR HEALTH - How well your dental hygiene is based on dental/medical research
PERSONAL RESEARCH -What your dental hygiene habits are creating towards your health (detrimental or beneficial)

LEARN - What you need to do in order to improve your dental hygiene habits for the best teeth and gums

STATISTICS - How long you have to keep consistent with the dental hygiene habits in order to start seeing what changes you are making towards your dental health

DAILY TRACKER - Color coordination of the daily habits you log with simple weekly visual representations

LOG - Colorful icons that represent the various dental logs you had inputted towards your daily activity

COLORFUL EXPERIENCE - Simple user interface that provides motivation towards your perfect dental hygiene goals!

Looks like you have things tooth do!


Any questions and concerns can be made directly through our website, toothdolist.com, as we are currently working on providing a support section into the application. All coming soon features as we as premium subscriptions can be found on the website as well. Please seek the privacy policy and terms of use on toothdolist.com/

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Developer: toothdolist

Recent changes: Minor bug fixations!