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tmplay304 MP3 join player free

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1. Features
 This app makes it easy to bind mp3 after loading a magazine appendix CD for foreign language learning.
 1) Quick join MP3 by name automatically.
 2) Long title, magazine names can be confirmed by side scrolling.
 3) Repeat checking interesting phrases for 15 seconds forward, 5 sec back.
 4) Bulk registration of playlist for each folder.
 5) Move to mp3 and playlist to other terminal by playlist saving function.
 6) Quick search/playback/making playlist by key input history.
 7) Quickly change the playlist playback order by touch.
 8) Screen switching with swipe which is convenient for one hand operation.

2. Other Outline
 1) Basically it is a music player.
  Play/Pause/15sec forward/5sec back/next song/prev song/repeat/Continuous play
 2) Automatic joining by group based on mp3 file name.
  1 minute per 1 CD, mp3 files reconstruction.
  Boundaries of the join group can be modified by checkbox.
  Joined MP3 file can be transferred to a PC.
 3) Unbound mp3 can be registered for 12 months at once (Specify 12 folders with checkboxes)
 4) Confirmed file format that you can play : mp3, m4a, wav.
  (There is no limit by this app except "Join MP3". Follow the target of android player.)
 5) Song Search - Search Result Playback - Search Result Register Playlist.
 6) With the history of the search string, the key input drastically decreases.
 7) Create/add/delete/rename playlist, change the order of songs, add/delete songs.
 8) Save and load playlist to text file.
  You can move the playlist with mp3 to another terminal.
 9) Hierarchical display on album, artist screen, playback from there.
 10) When making / receiving a call, play mute.
 11) Key history deletion, log deletion function.
 12) Playlist time order display, time reversed order display (by setting change)

3.Basic operation
 On the horizontal scrolling support screen, the menu is displayed with the long touch of the icon on the left side of the screen of each line.

4. Description of CD capture
 Appendix CD, such as Language Learning magazine, the file has been split for each article.
 also further one article file is divided into smaller files. (1 CD might also be up to 100 files)

 Features of this app, classify the such files by file name quickly and merge it. (2 min per 1 CD = confirmation time by eyes 1 min + app execution time 40 sec)

 Even as a music player, a pull-down of input history can be used in many places, you have to be able to quickly search and playback of target music.

 For example, capture MP3 on your PC, join to each article while looking at the magazine table of contents,
 It takes 30 minutes or more if you would organize with the title/album name/artist name.

 This app is intended to automatically compare the MP3 file name, based on the similarity of the string, to generate the MP3 file joined to each of the same article file.
 It is registered in the playlist at the same time.

 The software which searches the Web and outputs the the article name's MP3 file is useful in this work. *1
 It is also possible within the time 15 minutes capture the total of a single CD-ROM when you use it.

 *1 For example, there is iTunes. (It works with Windows)


On the album screen, after expanded display of the song in the album, the selected song can be registered as a playlist.



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