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Patakbuhin ang app na ito na pinangalanang Solid Alert o i-download ito gamit ang ApkOnline. Magagawa mo ito gamit ang aming Android online emulator.

Hindi ito rocket science, pinapatugtog lang nito ang tunog ng alerto ng Metal Gear Solid.

Patakbuhin o i-download ang Solid Alert gamit ang aming android online emulator mula sa


Developer: Pedro Soares

Genre: Libangan

Bersyon ng app: 1.1.0

Laki ng app: 6.0M

Recent changes: New apps listing


This is perfect. it's as easy as pressing a button! The only adds are very small at the bottom and I barley even notice them, and I've scared so many of my friends with this. 10/10 super fun and useful and it barely takes up any space. I want to see more of these for other mgs sound effects!

Just a simple button that plays the Metal Gear Solid alert sound. You are unable to set it as a notification sound. A very simplistic app with limited functionality.

Wonderful, easy to use, fun, exactly what I was looking for! I really love it as my notification sound, too.

Finally! I've wanted this sound as a notification tone for ages, thank you. Along with the codec call as my ringtone (from another app), what more could a MGS fan want...

It does what it says in the description. I surprised my dog with it, was the best laugh I've had all day, even scared a family member with it! Love it for its simplicity."