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Cotpress: Kalkulahin/Tandaan/Bilangin

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Cotpress: Kalkulahin/Tandaan/Bilangin
Cotpress is simple utility for personal information(mini/smart CMS, Store text/images tool).
Cotpress supports users store useful information during using smartphone such as text/image/links to use in the future.

- Export images those inside a note.
- Extract text those inside a note.\t
1.0.1 + 26
- Get sharing/capture "text/images/link" during surfing mail/web/document for notes or storages.
- Receive sharing "image" during surfing mail/web/document for notes.
- Fast capture image with extract text functions(pre form/bill capture)

Hot functions:
- Store text/links/images during surfing mail/web/document via sharing action.
- Fast capture image with extract text functions(pre form/bill capture)

Cotpress provides features:
- Note in rich text.
- Note with images.
- Note with simple math operationss/expressions.
- Note in tablable things like a simple bill such as a restaurant bill.
- **See result from math operations/expressions in note content during noting.**
- Easy count/report with many noted items.
- User can name/define fields(variants) for count/report purpose.
- Received shared text content for a new note item from other apps.
- Manage noted items similar files and folders.

Notation features
- Export/Import file must end with .txt
- Calculatable note inside with fields/suggesstions
- User can define new **procedures** for table collections
- User can define new **fields** for suggestion/expression
- User can define new **items** for suggestion typing
- User can config Cotpress's auto extract words for fields(variants)
- User can select an available procedure expression by tap on its suggestion button(vertical_distribute icon)
- Export reporting data to csv format(excel format).
Susunod na bersyon
- Pagbutihin ang karanasan ng user.
- Import/export in batch.
- Get screenshot for note
- Futher Report.
- Auto-aware procedures by combo fields(Support multi procedure expressions).

Far version
- Cloud base storage.
- Multi devices/syschornous data.
- Bill/Form capture.
- Hand-written capture.

- Libreng pag-download.
- After trial time(7 new notes), you can use Cotpress with a small ads banner - of cource you can turn it on/off .
- To turn ads off, tap on left & right button in the Note Editor
- or just use the 7 created noted(<=7).
- Take a subscription to turn off adverisment banner.

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