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Play Safer Bluetooth Cards - The Full Deck - APK Download

Maglaro ng Mas Ligtas na Mga Bluetooth Card - Ang Buong Deck

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Run this app named Play Safer Bluetooth Cards - The Full Deck or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

This ingenious app allows two players to play whatever card game they wish involving up to 8 cards per player using zero data and no network.

Simply connect the phones by Bluetooth, launch the app and start playing. The app perfectly simulates having a real deck. Cards are not chosen randomly as they are in many card apps. They are shuffled at the start and remain in that set order for the rest of the game. If you return one card to the bottom of the deck it will not suddenly appear at the top! - that card will work its way back up through the pack just like it would with a real deck! A perfect simulation of a real deck of cards. You can give or take a card from the other player, lay cards on the table and do most of the things you can do with a real deck allowing you to play whatever game you like.

Try the free version first if you want to check your phones are compatible with the app. The free version has only 3 suits but if only one player buys the full deck and starts as the dealer both players can play with a full deck from then on! What a bargain!

The free version is here :

Remember to play at a safe distance, wear a mask and have fun!

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