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Ottoman Wars is an exciting action and strategy game that transports you back into the age of the magnificent Ottoman Empire.

Feel the thrill of expanding one of the world’s most historic empires as you build your base, strengthen your troops, and conquer your enemies.

Ilagay ang iyong taktikal na isip upang subukan laban sa mga kalaban sa buong mundo sa real time na pandaigdigang MMO.

Join players from around the world in their quest to be the strongest army.
Build & customize an elite military force for defensive strength or offensive might.
Deploy historic units such as Janissaries, Azabs, Miners, Akinjis, Tatars, Cannoneers to crush your enemies
Enjoy the action with stunning 3D graphics on your smartphone or tablet.
Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your bases.
Supply your armies with cutting edge firepower as you upgrade your arsenal.
Invite your friends to create unbreakable alliances and wage war on your enemies together!
Ang iyong diskarte ay tatatakan ang kapalaran ng iyong imperyo:

Form a formidable fortress to defend your city from enemy attacks
Bumuo ng isang kahanga-hangang lungsod; utos sa mga manggagawa na mangalap ng mga mapagkukunan at gumamit ng mga arkitekto upang mag-inhinyero ng kadakilaan
Build and train a powerful, effective army; ready for battle
Atake at lupigin ang bago at masaganang lupain upang palakasin ang iyong imperyo
Create a clan to forge mighty alliances, but beware of the enemies you create

Tandaan: Ang katapangan ay humahantong sa tagumpay, ang pag-aalinlangan ay humahantong sa panganib at ang duwag ay humahantong sa kamatayan!

Ottoman Wars is a real-time, multi-player, online strategy game
Supported on both tablets and smartphones
Learn fun facts about Ottoman History as you proceed into the battle against real historical characters
Labanan sa mga Janissaries, Azab, Bashi-bazouk, Miners, Akinjis, Sipahis, Tatars, Cannoneers. Lahat ay handang lumaban para sa iyong imperyo.
Immerse into the Ottoman world via realistic, Ottoman-themed 3D war and vessel graphics

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