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Oopstacles is an endless runner game with the theme of obstacle courses. You control your character making them move, dodge and jump over some of the trickiest obstacles that you can encounter. The game also has a physics based mechanic which adds a bit of a challenge to it. You can even create and share some GIFs of your funniest fails. Overcome those obstacles with the help of our Oopstacles hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Be very patient

The name itself Oopstacles tell you that you well have a lot of oops moments in it. The game isn’t really that easy so to speak. Most of the time you’ll fail in the first few seconds. The thing to remember is to just calm down and recover for another run.

The controls

The controls can be a bit confusing at first and sometimes a bit annoying. When you don’t tap on the screen, your character won’t move. When you do tap, it will make the character move. In an area where you need to jump, tapping on it will make the character jump. Basically tapping can make you move and jump. This can be annoying in some cases but the game is responsive to the right action which is good of course.

Timing is key

Timing is always needed in the game. The problem of course is that the obstacles vary so you never really get a grasp on what to expect. If the obstacles come back then that’s good because it gives you more time to practice on them. Every time you start a new game, the level’s layout will change so you can’t memorize it either. The thing that you just have to bank on is your timing. You need to know when to move and when to stop.

Those tricky jumps

We mentioned timing and it can’t be harder than when you do those jumps. Stopping to avoid those obstacles can be fine but doing those tricky jumps can be insane. This goes back to the fact where you need to be patient with the game. When it comes to jumping on those platforms there are those that are just still, those that move from back to front and those that move from left to right. You really need to find out the timing of those jumps so that you can be fine in a sense. The moving platforms are the trickier ones so take time mastering them.

You may need to be fast in some cases

There are those parts where you can’t waste time but hurry up. Just like when you jump on a platform that has a moving floor and you need to tap again to jump. Timing is key but in some cases you need to jump as well.

Unlock characters

lot of characters for you to unlock. You can collect daily gifts for coins and use them to unlock more characters. Just remember that these characters are only there for aesthetics and has nothing to change the gameplay mechanic.

The game isn’t easy but it can be with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Oopstacles hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. ...




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