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Are you looking for free brain games? Tic Tac Toe Game Free is a mobile and tablet version of one of the oldest and most popular strategy games, if you are a lover of logic games this is the right Android game app for you!

Challenge yourself and friends with this top Android strategy game app today. With different skill levels and multiplayer option this logic game that can be played as easy entertaining pastime games or addictive brain training games. Download the best strategy game online now; have fun in the same time as you exercise your mind and logical reasoning with this free Android game!

Tic Tac Toe Game Rules:

Player take turns in placing Xs and Os (or other theme symbols) on the playing board until the game is over.

The game is over when either one of the players has three in a row, in any direction of the playing board, or when the 33 playing board is full.

The player who first gets 3 in a row wins the game. If the playing board is full (all nine squares) and there is still no winner, it will result in a draw game.

With this app you can play tic tac toe against your Android or tic tac toe multiplayer against family and friends. Basically the simple game rules are the same regardless if you play tic tac toe 2 player or 1 player.

Android Tic Tac Toe Game Features

1 Player against Android or 2 Player (tic tac toe multiplayer) with same device
Skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert
Re settable statistics and score tracking
Multiple tic tac toe themes for android to choose from
Auto save when you get an interruption on the phone or exit the application

Play mind games and get some brain training:

People have always been interested to challenge the mind with mind games and exercise the brain with brain training games. Our brain is a muscle and just like every other muscle it needs exercise to develop and keep fit; download this top Android game if you want to get some brain training and play fun brain games for young and adults!

This Android game is a mobile and tablet version of one of the oldest and most famous classic strategy games. Tic tac toe originates from a game called Terni Lapilli that was played in the time of the Roman Empire, now days it is played all over the world and also known as Noughts and Crosses or Xs and Os. The different names of the game originate from a more recent time; the first written text that refers to the name "Noughts and Crosses" appeared in the year 1864 and the name "Tick Tack Toe" twenty years later. This is a simple game that usually is played with a pencil on paper, but there are also many options to play tic tac toe online today.

If tic tac toe games are played perfectly by both players they will always result in a draw, your main tic tac toe strategy should be not to make any mistakes!

Do you enjoy to play classic strategy games and to solve logic puzzles? Then the Android tic tac toe app is the perfect mind game app for you!

Download Tic Tac Toe Free Android app now, challenge yourself and friends with this mind training game or just play pastime games!

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Developer: Netfocus Universal Apps

Recent changes: - Optimized performance and functionality
- Updated UI