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This World & The Next, the leading brand from the professional total funeral enterprise Kyongjosa Co., Ltd.!

- An O2O Professional Funeral Service Enterprise that leads the appropriate funeral culture and reflects the hearts of the survivors!

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1.Funeral Procedures & Funeral Services Consultation

We take care of your sudden funeral needs from the initial single-phone call request until the end, offering you a dignified funeral service.

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2.Funeral Budget Design

100% customizable funeral cost design solution is provided to you for free!
The deceased's family can self-design the funeral, saving unnecessary costs.

How to Use:
*Click on the Funeral Budget Design button

1) Funeral Hall Costs Design -> Select Facility -> Select Facility Fees
2) Visitor Food Costs Design -> Select Estimated Number of Visitors
3) Select Jesa(Ancestral Rite) Food Costs

* Funeral Method(Cremation/Burial) Design -> Select Cremation/Burial
1) Select Crematorium -> Select Cremation Fees - Select Among Shrine, Natural Burial Site, Cemetary - Select Facility Fees
2) Select Burial - Select Facility Fees

*Funeral Services
-Custom-Design of Funeral Protocol Services
Funeral Team Leader(Funeral Guide), Coffin Placement Support Funeral Leader, Visitor Guide, Ambulance, Funeral Bus, Limousine, Shroud, Wooden Coffin, All Burial-Dressing & Coffin Placement Supplies, Male Mourning Clothes, Female Mourning Clothes, Altar Flowers, All Funeral Hall Supplies, All Condolence Flowers, High-Quality Urn

3. Online Funeral Hall

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Features to Offer Flowers, Offer & Light Incense, and Send Words of Condolence

4. Online Memorial Hall
Enter Online Memorial Hall (Member Log-In Needed)
Offers a space and a feature in which you can share the deceased & the family's pictures and videos
Anniversary Reminder Settings and Sharing Feature

5. Funeral Package Products
The finest ceremonial service: nuclear family package, all-family package

6. Manage Condolences & Celebrations (Member Log-In Needed)
1) Income (Incoming Money) Registration
2) Expenses (Outgoing Money) Registration
3) Visitor's Names and Their Relationship to the Deceased Registration
4) Name/Condolences & Celebrations Lookup
5) Amount/Numbers Statistics

7. Obituary Management
Linked to SMS & KakaoTalk service to quickly and conveniently offer funeral information for the deceased and their loved ones
1) Information of the deceased
2) Address, map, navigation feature to the funeral hall provided
3) Funeral dates (Coffin rites, departure for funeral procession) provided
4) Family's situation and phone numbers provided

8. Wreath/Flower Delivery Service
The finest wreaths at reasonable prices
Direct delivery to funeral halls nationwide

9. The biggest amount of Business Facility Location Info, Facility Fees Info Provided
1) Funeral Halls Info Nationwide (1,100)
2) Crematorium Facilities Nationwide (60)
3) Natural Burial Sites Nationwide (100)
4) Enshrined/Shrine Facilities Nationwide (380)
5) Cemetery Facilities Nationwide (700)


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