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The Return of pus

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Download this app named The Return of pus.

The Return of pus.

Pus that comes back out!

Weak people will not install, please grotesque expression.
You complain about the installation please.

・[気持ち悪いなぁwww かさぶためくりもやってみたい、頼むぜ!]
・[Awsome it is like u r popping ur own pimples]
I got back the pus out of the rave comments and so on.

Mattery crush the rash.Pus squeezed.The app's it.
But few gameplay.I made out like pus for the world.

*How to Play
- First on the menu "Skin Color Change" Please choose a favorite color of the skin.
- Drag the bottom skin, then let out pus gradually over time.
- Splattered on the ceiling is a rag wipe pus.I hope that is always clean.
- Partition will appear out of the pus and blood, more blood is good at, in advance from the menu "Blood: Hidden" Please select.
- I groan and I get blood out insistently, I feel loud sound "Sound Effect: Off" Please select.
- But also infinitely rash crush crush can continue.
- I make the app more! The menu "More..." Please look at the app!


Ver. 1.2
Minor modifications.

fix speed



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