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The Rats: Feed, Train and Dress Up Your Rat Family Download

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The Rats: Feed, Train and Dress Up Your Rat Family

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Run this app named The Rats: Feed, Train and Dress Up Your Rat Family or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Steal cheese, raise a rat family, train your rats and grow your rat army to become a rat boss in The Rats!

Raise a pet rat, dress up and feed your rat family and enjoy the mouse simulator game or crush your rivals rats in all-out rat warfare! Mouse trap? More like mouse combat!

Level up and train your rowdy rodents special skills, breed mighty warriors, and let the other players know who's boss!

Be a thief, assassin, or even a family rat! The mouse games let you customize, level up, evolve, breed and raise a family of rats all to your liking, whether you want to raise a pet or create a rat empire.

Steal and loot other players cheese without regrets, bust enemy rat gangs, and make your way to the inexhaustible cheese paradise. It'll take strategy and tactics, along with plenty of audacity and guts, if you want to survive in this rat game!

Steal cheese and compete for the top spot in online PvP tournaments. Thieves and rats who are aggressive and skilled are in for some good loot and an awesome ranking on the worldwide scoreboard!

Build your rat empire, send rare items or bombs to your friends (or enemies), be a deceiver and don't trust anyone! In the world of Rats, ruthlessness is a virtue.

Become an amazing thief, steal and assassinate your way to the top of the food chain and take care of your treasures - in this game no one will give you anything!

The Rats is a free-to-play multiplatform game. Play online PvP with your friends on Facebook or on your Android device.

Youll only survive the contest for cheese, souls and love with the right strategy and by mastering the unique mix of puzzle and simulation. Play The Rats now for free!


Raise a rat army with the toughest vermin you can find
Power up, dress up, customize and evolve your rats
Mouse simulator to discover and breed all types of naughty rats

Feed and grow customized rats that you name and design
Pet care games where you can create a furry rat family
Animal simulator games with adorable rat friends
Thief rats, warrior rats and more!

Build your base and rat army
Battle for domination in online competition
Steal cheese and loot from other players
A mouse trap like no other - guard your base from invading rats!

Tournament competitions to see whos the top rat
Battle for resources online
Power up your army and scurry to the top of the global scoreboard!
Play The Rats on Facebook or on mobile
PvP game with high replayability due to the worldwide scoreboard and skill system

Its a rat-eat-rat world out there, compete to become to top rat today!

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Developer: gamigo Publishing GmbH-OLD

Genre: Simulation

App version: Varies with device

App size: Varies with device

Recent changes: Trick or treat is back in The Rats Online! Log in now and start collecting bats by overfeeding enemy rats and stealing cheese. Feed your pumpkin with the bats so it can grow bigger. Bigger pumpkin means more rewards for you. Two costumes will help you conquer the darkness - the Magician and Skeleton costumes! Peek-a-boo and have fun!


Was a really great game, I as well after not playing for some time am unable to play at all by logging in or as a guest. Saddening!

Can't log in, haven't played in a while but can't play now! And no response from developer? What gives?

Just downloaded again after not playing for a while and getting a new phone, game won't let me play as a guest or log on. No way to play at all that I can figure out.

Really liked this game & have been playing it for at least 4 years. Trying to join a clan made me uninstall... apparently it's all of Russian players who have accepted my clan request & always kick me out a day or so later. I realize there's a difference in language but would not recommend this game for Americans if u want to join a clan. I'll reinstall the game again soon but I'll just play on my own. Sorry but not sorry.

I really didnt like the game at first, but continued to play in which im glad I did! Truly addicted!! But is there a problem going on with the app right now? All day its been saying "oops, unable to connect to the server, please check your internet connection" My internet is fine, all my other games work... PLEASE HELP I NEED TO GET BACK INTO GAME BEFORE ALL MY RATS DIE!!'