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Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams

The Founders Bible Digital App is not only a robust Bible study app with multiple Bible translations available it also the history that you have never been taught in school; that was sadly, intentionally removed. It is also some of the most inspiring truth that will shed a significant amount of light and wisdom on the major issues facing us today, and what we can and must do. What we have included in The Founders Bible Digital App (Free Version) is what we believe are some of the best of the best articles, the most relevant, the essentials list, an emergency action pack of what you need to know! about the country, how it was meant to work, the history that brought us here, the purpose and passion behind it all, the incredible power of Gods Word and how it has shaped this nation more than anything else.

With over 1000+ pages of culturally relevant articles, insightful Biblical commentary, and some of the most inspiring history, The Founders Bible tells the epic saga of our true, forgotten history and the deep spiritual heritage behind the founding of America. The subjects covered by the articles inserted throughout help to ask and answer some of the most important questions today, wrestling with the most relevant issues facing our culture, providing insight from those who helped architect the foundations of this great nation, as well as apply timeless truth and wisdom from the Scripture. For many, The Founder Bible could be likened to a modern day Geneva Bible for this generation. It is your history, foundations of government, and the Bible all integrated into one amazing resource.

The Founders Bible is signature historian David Bartons most significant lifes work. He is one of the premiere constitutional historians of our day with a private library containing over 100,000 original source documents from the Founding Era, one of the largest private collections in the nation. His exhaustive research has rendered him an expert in historical and constitutional issues, serving as a consultant to state and federal legislators, participating in several cases at the Supreme Court, involved in the development of the History/Social Studies standards for numerous states, and helping to produce history textbooks now used in schools across the nation. David is listed by Time Magazine as one of, The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America. Accordingly, he has been described as Americas historian.

If a picture can say a thousand words, the artwork throughout speaks volumesallowing the history and content to come to life conveying a sense of the look and feel, the emotions of the unfolding drama. Each one of the articles has been beautifully designed throughout, featuring original artwork by master illustrator and oil painter, C. Michael Dudash, along with hundreds of other historical paintings and sketches.

Read and study whether youre connected or not. Your library, notes, highlights and all of the app features are stored on your device so that you have full functionality when you are offline or in airplane mode.

Sync your Bible study resources, highlights, notes, etc. between all your devices.

The split window feature allows you to create your own customized parallel Bible for translation comparison or to have the Articles in one pane and the Bible in the other for quick reference.

The app comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and many other useful Bible Study resources.

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Developer: Shiloh Road Publishers

Genre: Books & Reference

App version: 1.7.2

App size: 26M

Recent changes: New Library function. "Library" replaces "Open Books" button.
Immersive mode.
Long press on bookmark list to see all categories it is in.
Improved Book/Chapter/Verse selector.
Alphabetize/Abbreviate Book Names options for all Bible go-to methods.
Option to disable book category colors.
Note editor uses color theme.
Better highlight and text color contrast.
- Go-to caused text to scroll backwards.
- Back button could lock up.
- Tapping on footnote * also selected the verse.


Got this for Christmas. So difficult to navigate. Needs a linked Table of Contents to get us to where we want to go quickly. I was in church & wanted to get to a certain book. The search feature doesn't even perform this basic function and I didn't have time to wade through finding out how to do it. I still haven't found the Bible part of the app. People won't scroll through the app trying to find info,they'll just uninstall it. I love my Founders' Bible, but this app needs a complete overhaul.

5 stars for the content but the app's navigation is not as fast as it should be. I prefer being able to just tap on a book, chapter and verse instead of scrolling through them. Note that the free version does not have the complete Founders Bible notes. The free version is a sample but still has a great deal of interesting content. You can also download other commentaries, books, and devotionals within the app. Some are for purchase but I've found several free Bible study tools here that I like

UI is clunky, very unintuitive in uninstalling something. Other Bible apps, like Logos, come with lots of tools or free downloads of tools, this one charges for most except those written in old English and, frankly, who wants to read that? I get that you want to make money, but why pay for something here when similar apps offer for free. I'll stick with the hard copy version I bought.

This is a great app but... I own the printed copy of this bible and find it to be a wonderful work. This app is a great companion with one downfall and that is the navigation system. I own Tecarta Bible and no one makes a bible app better. This app could be wonderful if they mimicked the navigation in Tecarta. You can choose two or three clicks to get where you want to go by book, chapter, verse if you choose three click. If they fix that, this app will shine. A discount for print owners please?

Moving my rating up another star. At first, impossible to navigate (I wanted to give up)...probably because of my cultural upbringing for instant gratification. It's taken a few trys over the last couple weeks to figure this out... and I'm seeing the wisdom in the way how to navigate this app. It's cleverly set up, don't get discouraged, this isn't a candy crush or captain weirdo game... it might take someone dumb like me a few more weeks... but there's lots of info I want to think over."