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The Healthcare Suite Business App is a mobile component and works together with the Healthcare Suite Control Center. An admin account for the Healthcare Suite can be activated within a few days. Companies must have active access to the respective national verification system and also an user contract with Arvato Systems.
Healthcare Suite Business App
The business application for mobile devices enables the time- and location-independent execution of the necessary scanning processes as well as the transfer of data to the control center.
The business application offers maximum flexibility in use and enables transparent integration into the existing hardware landscape.
Various interfaces to different EU systems will be established to communicate with the national veri-fication systems. Within the HS 26 message types are implemented:
\tG110: synchronous transaction: Verify single packs
\tG120: synchronous transaction: Dispense single pack
\tG130: synchronous transaction: Destroy single pack
\tG140: synchronous transaction: Exported from EU single pack
\tG150: synchronous transaction: Sample single pack
\tG160: synchronous transaction: Free Sample single pack
\tG170: synchronous transaction: Lock single pack
\tG180: synchronous transaction: Stolen single pack
\tG115: asynchronous transaction: Bulk verify packs
\tG125: asynchronous transaction: Bulk dispense packs
\tG135: asynchronous transaction: Bulk destroy packs
\tG145: asynchronous transaction: Bulk exported from EU packs
\tG155: asynchronous transaction: Bulk Sample packs
\tG165: asynchronous transaction: Bulk free sample packs
\tG175: asynchronous transaction: Bulk lock packs
\tG185: asynchronous transaction: Bulk stolen packs
\tG121: Reactivation process for Dispense single pack
\tG141: Reactivation process for Export single pack
\tG151: Reactivation process for Sample single pack
\tG161: Reactivation process for Free sample single pack
\tG171: Reactivation process for Lock single pack
\tG127: Reactivation process for Bulk Undo dispense packs
\tG147: Reactivation process for Bulk Undo Export packs
\tG157: Reactivation process for Bulk Undo Sample packs
\tG167: Reactivation process for Bulk Undo Free sample packs
\tG177: Reactivation process for Bulk Undo Lock packs
The Healthcare Suite Control Center monitors and controls operational processes
In the intelligent control center, all operational processes such as the processing of individual and bulk transactions can be monitored and controlled in real time. This is done via the integrated KPI monitor based on defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Furthermore, the control center com-municates with the respective national verification systems. In the interface for the administration of the cloud-based application, devices and locations can be recorded simply by one click. All national or international locations can be connected to the system in a simple manner and in the shortest possible time.
The Healthcare Suite
The solution offers pharmaceutical wholesalers significant advantages that are crucial for the safe and punctual implementation of FMD:
\tSupport in the implementation of business processes relevant for ensuring EU FMD compliance, in particular verification and decommissioning
\tSimple, fast and quality-assured implementation in the existing IT and process landscape
\tProcess transparency in real time
\tLean IT architecture with low hardware requirements
\tHigh user-friendliness and thus high user acceptance and low training effort
\tHigh flexibility and scalability

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