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Read fractions - Reading fractions
Basic tool for to experiment with fractions:
The app lets you view the fractions represented in the form of overlapping circles and bars.
The two graphs are interactive. They can be changed by dragging on the screen.
Graphically, fractions are always shown in simplified form.
There are two spinners to select fractions: one for the numerator and one for the denominator.
At the right there are two lock buttons:
The top button locks the numerator when the graph is modified.
The lower button locks the denominator when the graph is modified.
When both buttons are unlocked, the fractions are formed from the denominator 360 (the maximum allowed in the program) when the graph is modified.
When the two buttons are locked, the program always remains under the same fraction, but expresses its equivalent fractions in the spinners.
When the fraction expressed in the spinners is not in its simplified form, can be simplified by clicking on the simplified expression on his left.

Additionally fractions are shown in written words, mixed fractions (if needed) as a percentage and as a decimal number with dot.

Fractions in words: Available in English, Catalan, Castilian (spanish), French and Portuguese.

The Standard on Reading Fractions

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