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Welcome to Flashlight; the easiest way to turn your phone into a LED light for Free.
Flashlight is a FREE app that turns your device into a flashlight. Uses your flash or screen as a nice little flashlight, allows you to control(turn on or off) the LED light of your devices. Unbelievable, the app is so simple, quick, easy, useful and convenient. The one you will never give up when in need!

Have you ever tried to use your phone`s screen or LED become a beacon of light? No? Don`t worry, turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with Flashlight app. This new app will help you out in the darkest of occasions.

Whether you are taking pictures at night, Need auxiliary light; Or in camping need to illuminate the landscape of your travels, Or power off, then you can light it! Flashlight provides powerful light power for you to use the camera flash to illuminate the darkness, like a really strong flashlight. as long as you need lightOur flashlight will always be with you at any time! And the best thing is that you can still use our app even if you dont have a flash in your device by turning on the white screen mode.

This is why Flashlight is the best flashlight app ever:
Super Cool Design: Elegant and very easy to use switch user interface.
Instant open: Fast response, anytime, anywhere lighting.
Low battery consumption: The battery is used at least.
The brightest LightUse the back flash to make the lighting.
White Screen Mode: Use white screen mode even if you dont have a Flash on your device.

Why does Flashlight require a camera permission?
The LED is part of the camera, for the switch lights, we need this permission to use the flashlightPlease be assured that we will never explore your privacy, we will try to protect your privacy!

If you need fast, very bright light, this safe and reliable flashlight will be your best choice!

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