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Search temples, the Goddess of Mercy St. sign, Mazu holy sign, throwing divination blocks contest, spot light lamp, An Tai Sui lights, candidates pray, Ann Fortuna lights, Rumiao Sishen, Ann marriage lights, note born empress, Matchmaker, apply temples Login , On the celebrations, forums, seeking lucky breaks, lucky numbers, and many other features. AD 1999 Ben ( for the design of the network, Guiren Township Yan Sau Gong temple, online divination, Internet Point light beacon, Jupiter network security, network altar, praying candidates , hair pulling wisdom. Caused a sensation nationwide, many of them during the television media, print media coverage. Greatly enhance the visibility of the temple, thus increasing the believers sources. During helped Guan Di temple (Hall), a large Tin Hau Temple, Chi Kung Caishenmiao design. Ben network design altar, divination, An Tai Sui, light beacon, Fortuna lights, lamps marriage, divination poems, throwing divination blocks, seeking spiritual sign, seeking extinguishers, Praying, in full accordance with the holy divination blocks folk etiquette planning. "1.03 version of the new book of 48 sets Chinese God of Wealth God of Management Hu"

How to choose the right temple "Source: OK! Come and worship: 101 temples in Taiwan incense Morningstar Press Author: Vulture (This APP design developers). "

Everyone has a certain expertise, gods, too, different gods have different areas of jurisdiction and divine. So before seeking the gods, must first understand what their needs wish is, and then find the appropriate gods and temples.
What God for nothing? Regarding a request, the following types of praying summed wish to facilitate visits to the Yasukuni temple believers looking for.
[Seeking career, wealth - Kuan, God of Wealth, Fudezhengshen]
[Seeking marriage - joking gods]
[Seeking children - Water Madame, born empress Note]
[Seeking health - Tati, Bodhisattva, Earth Store Bodhisattva]
[Seeking their exams (generally, civilian) - sage and teacher, five Wenchang]
[Seeking their exams (police, military staff) - Kuan]
[Seeking their exams (lawyers, judicial) and a lawsuit to resolve - Cheng Huang]
[Do turn sixteen adults - Qiniangma]
[Misfortunes solution Eritrea - law lord, five government Chitose, Chitose five years, Tien God Shuiguan Great]
[Pray for peace and prosperity, happiness and other blessing - Our Lady of heaven, the Jade Emperor God]

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Developer: Tu ying ju

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