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Wilderness survival simulation game. Travel to safety.

SEP 12, 2021 NEWS
New update is coming after all these years.

Development continues. I am aiming for first internal tests by Sep 19 and from there it means 1 more week for open beta testing. After beta, it is release time.

The new version has new crafting, renewed levels, skills, crafting options and ability to move back and forth between levels. A new (paid only, eill cost a few bucks) expansion STRANDED provides long-term survival challenge in a warm environment. The next update will be considered early access in a sense - there will be series of fixed and updates after the release.

Some people have asked for localizations: I have made it possible to add but languages will need to be done this year or later.

Feel free to email me, I try my best to reply. All support and questions and ideas are more than welcome.

Thanks for the support and patience.


--- JULY 27, 2021 NEWS ---
A new version is finally coming this summer (current target is August 2021). This version will be available for ANDROID and IOS. New version will remove out achievements and progress (as it is completely rewritten codebase and is not possible to maintain old save data with new functionality). Versio. introduces a completely new set of achievements, scenario mechanisms and so forth. Stay tuned. There will also be one more additional paid scenario expansion.

- Juuso @sandbaydev

Try survive and travel to safety. Wilderness survival themed simulation where you need to decide how you spend your time and what action is most crucial for you now in order to survive: building a shelter, finding food, water, traveling, collecting firewood.

--- PRIVACY ---
Game can be played OFFLINE. If you have internet connection, then game will try send anonymized data about gameplay (things like "X number of people play game"). Please check out "for humans" privacy policy at

--- IAP ---
As of September 2017: Inside the game you can purchase the "full edition" (or "wolf edition") that gets you play the game without ads (+ you get few extra perks). That's one time payment and you get to choose the price. There are no microtransactions for gems/coins or anything else to purchase. This IAP option is for those who wish to support development. You can continue playing free edition that is very close to same as the paid version.

* IN-APP PURCHASES (IAP): Only for convenient one-time full game purchase for those who wish to do so. Free version is almost the same as 'full' one. There are no gems/coins/whatnot to buy.
* FULL NETWORK ACCESS: you can play offline, but if you play online game sends stats info like "created fire using bow drill" using anonymizedId. Please see detailed & "for humans" privacy policy at the game website.
* VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS: To best of my understanding this checks if your device is online or offline. If offline, there's no store purchases. I try and see if I can get rid of this one.
* CONTROL VIBRATION: this can be toggled off in the settings. It's used only for in-game events (like if you catch a fish or something like that)
* OTHER WORTH MENTIONING: game stores "save game" files to your device so that you can save & continue game after playing. Should not require extra permissions though. Game does not read your phone files. It only reads game files and via settings screen you can see list of files that were created.


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Developer: Juuso Hietalahti

Genre: Simulation

App version: Varies with device

App size: Varies with device

Recent changes: Update 319:
- new easy PIKE LAKE scenario for training
- challenging new SWAMP scenario
- streamlined wound/CONDITION
- new TRAPS screen
- choose your DESTINATION is now back
- new VICTORY condition
- possibility to support development by one-time IAP purchase
- hundreds of other fixes/tweaks/polishing
- read DEVLOG for details


Wish you could search more, I know it's to force you to explore but realistically more bugs and grass and weeds will grow and move to that area, so can you please also make a scenario where theres no destination and over time you could re search an area, also I wish you could go back to your last camp and grab the rest of your stuff and it would say what is required, water food ect and the amount of time it would take, if you could do this it would be so helpful, thank you so much for the game!!

Amazing survival simulator! The difficulty is absolutely PUNISHING, and I actually kind of like it. So far I've only gotten one ending and I'm trying for Mountains now. Only problem is there's very limited customization. There's only one type of shelter, a few types of animals, a few weapons and there's no clothes customization that I know of even though the description of basic clothes hints at you being able to upgrade it. I wish you luck in finishing the game, though!

Version 316 is amaziging. Can't wait for desert and artic scenarios! If possible please bring back the North South East and West info when choosing your direction. Maybe only when you have compass? But the sun always rises in east and sets in West so, I feel it should be there. Other than that, I love this new version!

`BUMMER! The resolution is wonky. Many of the options are "outside" my screen so I can't select those buttons or even save! I've wanted to play this game for a while now but based on what I've heard about this app and the dev, I don't think it'll ever get updated to resolve this issue. If you have a new (2020+) phone, there's a decent chance you literally won't be able to press the buttons to play the game. This app needs to be updated, but I doubt it ever will be.`,

Love this game, been playing a few weeks now. So basic, BUT very challenging to say the least. Try out top lvl. survive tier. Lol! Good luck. Well done to the dev.