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It consists of eight verses and is often referred to as the Lords Prayer of Islam. The chapter in its entirety is repeatedly recited during a Muslims daily prayers, as it sums up the relationship between humans and God in worship. We begin by praising God and seeking His guidance in all matters of our lives.

The Quran then continues with the longest chapter of the revelation, The Cow (Al Baqarah). The title of the chapter refers to a story told in this section (beginning at verse 67) about the followers of Moses. The early part of this section lays out the situation of humankind in relation to God. In it, God sends guidance and messengers, and people choose how they will respond: they will either believe, they will reject faith altogether, or they will become hypocrites (feigning belief on the outside while harboring doubts or evil intentions on the inside).

Juz' 1 also includes the story of the creation of humans (one of many places where it is referred to) to remind us of the many bounties and blessings of God. Then, we are introduced to stories about previous peoples and how they responded to Gods guidance and messengers. Particular reference is made to the Prophets Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and the struggles they undertook to bring guidance to their people.

A juz (Arabic: , plural: