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Subtle Fingers

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Download this app named Subtle Fingers.

Subltle Fingers is an app designed to give a bit of workout to your fingers. There are buttons of different shapes and colors appearing on your screen. Tap different color shapes, that appears on the screen, with your fingers and earn points and bonuses. Build combinations by tapping buttons of same colors or shape and get bonuses for this! Pictore buttons will bring you special rounds, extra time and bonus points. Be careful, avoid wrong picture buttons!

Picture buttons include the following:

Egg - gives you more time.
Star - gives you bonus points.
Cherry - starts bonus round.
Question sign - this is a 'take a chance' button, it can be good, or it can be bad.
Snail - slows down the game
Dynamite - awards all buttons on screen.
x10 Button - equals to pressing of 10 buttons.
Skeleton - makes your time run out faster.
Leprechaun - after hitting this button, you will need to hit each button 3 times.
Mischievous imp - increases the number of buttons you need to hit.
Hare - speeds up buttons

Download and play this funny game for free and enjoy your spare time and also give your fingers a little workout!




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