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Statstory for Youtube

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Run this app named Statstory for Youtube - Analytics, Views Sub count or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Find the social value of any public Youtube profile - instantly. See engagement metrics, compare accounts, estimate how much money the account is worth. Using 1000s of data points including views, likes, comments, dislike ratios, fan interest, historical data, etc, compared across a broad spectrum of similar accounts and the community at large, we can estimate fairly accurately how much an account is worth.

Millions of creators and influencers around the world make a living on Youtube today. With the right tools, you can join them!

Goals. Set a goal for your account and let us keep you updated on your progress.
Compare. View any two accounts side by side to see which is stronger.
Custom Alerts. Configure an alert for any event you care about on any account you track.
Value. How much are your videos worth? How much can you make annually with YouTube?
Engagement. Views, likes, dislikes ratio, comments, fan interest, hashtags, and more.
Schedule. View when people post across Youtube.
Hashtags. See all the hashtags any channel uses.
Quality. Not all accounts are equal. Quality wins in the end.
Track up to 25 channels
Analysis. View historical data and analyze channels with detailed graphs.

Set an actionable goal on your account. The goal might be increase your subscribers by 10% over the next 1 month, or reach 10,000 views in 2 weeks. Just choose something that fits you. We will keep track of your progress and show you where youre at. Just CLAIM an account as your own to unlock GOALS. Any claimed account will also be tracked automatically.

If you want to deep dive into an account, simply track it. You will get the option to be notified of unusual events, such as unusually popular posts, or a sharp drop in subscribers.


Make sure you are not getting duped. Are you sure that influencer you paid to promote your products is getting real engagement? With Statstory you can finally know. Enter any influencers account to get an impartial view of their reach. Track their account during your promotion and get exacting details.

Statstory uses public information about a Youtube account to create an analysis of the account - that when compared to the global averages gives you a fairly comprehensive picture of how much influence an account has. With that information we can now make an estimate how much an account can charge post sponsors.

Do you know when you should post to get more views? Do you know which accounts have high engagement and which have horrible numbers? By using competitor analysis you can learn when the best time to post, which hashtags you should be using, and a lot more on your path to success.

*This app uses the official YouTube API to view publicly available data on public YouTube profiles. This app is not affiliated with YouTube.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:
Terms of service: http://wickeyware.com/terms-conditions-terms/
Privacy policy: http://wickeyware.com/privacy-policy/

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Developer: Wickeyware, LLC

Genre: Tools

App version: 6.02

App size: 69M

Recent changes: Added ads manager on your Home Screen. View your history easily.
Fixed a bunch of bugs.
Thanks for using Statstory!


This app is awesome, I think that more people should be having this if they have a YouTube account or if they want to see other's stats. I got an inacurate app beforehand which told me (when I had 1 or 2 subs) that I earn £5 per vid??, at least this app gives a much more accurate recording of the currency you earn when you make a video. All i want to ask is, how to you switch from American dollars to British pounds? It says you can do it in the app but I'm not sure how to, please tell me how :D

Loving using the app so far! It really does everything it says, can't wait for the upgrades to the app that I suggested too! That's also another positive, the admins actually respond to you on your feedback

This is app is very wonderful. I have been enjoying its analytics

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Dont bother guys this is paid app. And the free options are useless'